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The BCBA Shortage and HHF’s Strategy for Overcoming It

Most autism therapy providers’ biggest challenge is the shortage of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). The increasing demand for autism services is outpacing the increase of new BCBA graduates causing a bottle neck in providing autism therapy. The BCBA shortage is complex due to multiple factors causing it: Increased Demand: Demand for Board Certified Behavior […]

Little Hands Day Program: An Alternative to Preschool for Children with Autism

Helping Hands Family (HHF), a leader in comprehensive autism services for children, is redefining early childhood learning with the introduction of Little Hands Day Program. This program serves as an alternative to traditional preschool, designed specifically to enhance learning readiness among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). HHF’s recently launched initiative offers a specialized educational […]

6 Engaging Springtime Activities for Your Child with Autism

With warmer weather right around the corner, the days of outside activities are quickly approaching! Improved weather increases the activity options for you to enjoy with your family. For children with autism, there are various sensory friendly activities that can help your child’s physical and behavioral improvement outside of a clinic setting. Outdoor adventures are […]

5 Common Questions Asked By Parents – Answered By Experts

5 Common Questions Asked by Parents

If your child has recently received an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis, you likely have many questions. Whether you’re just starting autism research or already have experience with autism therapy but want to learn more about ABA services, our qualified ABA experts are here to help answer your questions. Below, we answer 5 of the […]

Why RBT Jobs Are Growing In Popularity and Changing Lives

Why RBT Jobs Are Growing In Popularity and Changing Lives

The future is looking bright for Registered Behavior Technicians! Becoming an RBT is a popular career due to the following factors.  Pursuing a career as an RBT is well worth the effort. Registered Behavior Technicians Play a Vital Role in ABA Therapy The rising popularity of RBT jobs is closely linked to the rising demand […]

Creating a Structured ABA Environment at Home

Creating a Structured ABA Environment at Home

A well-structured home environment can significantly improve learning outcomes for children with autism. By incorporating learning elements that align with your child’s treatment plan at home, achieving progress in behavior, function, and communication can become part of the daily routine.  With your child’s unique learning and developmental needs in mind, here are some highly effective […]

As a New BCBA, Which Questions Should I Ask During My Job Search?

As a New BCBA, Which Questions Should I Ask During My Job Search?

As a new BCBA, finding a fulfilling job that aligns with your passions, skills, and goals can be a job in-and-of itself! It is critical to identify your needs and goals that you want from a job at the beginning of the application process. Your first position as a BCBA establishes the foundation for your […]

5 Qualities The Best RBT Candidates Have

5 Qualities The Best RBT Candidates Have

At the heart of every beneficial ABA therapy plan, there’s a Registered Behavior Technician improving outcomes and uplifting the lives of children with autism. At Helping Hands Family, our caring team is filled with genuinely caring, knowledgeable, and motivated professionals who strive to infuse fun and meaningful growth into every ABA therapy session! If you […]

Finding the Right Autism Services for Your Newly Diagnosed Child

Finding the Right Autism Services for your Newly Diagnosed Child

An effective autism treatment plan nurtures your child’s social, functional, and behavioral development. Depending on your child’s overlapping needs and how they best learn, identifying which programs will be the most beneficial for your child can be challenging. Below are some helpful tips and ideas to guide your search for the most effective autism therapy […]

How Our ABA Team Connects with Your Child’s School for Further Support

Building a foundation of learning success through ABA therapy is all about the team approach.  Since frequent and consistent Applied Behavior Analysis interventions can significantly improve outcomes in communication, behavior, and functional development, the inclusion of family members, caregivers, and teachers is vital to the process. When everyone is on the same page and prepared […]