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Benefits of Drexel Hill ABA Therapy


  • 8 — 1-on-1 therapy rooms
  • Socialization Play Area (with various play stations)
  • Occupational Therapy Room


Additional Services: Speech & Occupational Therapy 

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Let us show you how ABA Therapy can help your child achieve their greatest potential.

Improving the lives of the children we serve is a passion and calling that extends into every meaningful interaction at our clinic! We’re a compassionate team of ABA therapists. Our clinical team works hard to promote beneficial progress with ABA strategies that blend fun with functional development and encouragement. Through supportive ABA therapy processes like child-led therapy, play-based learning, positive reinforcement, and individualized behavior planning, our team is on a mission to promote functional behaviors and skills that last a lifetime.

At our Drexel Hill autism center, clients have access to an array of beneficial autism services. We offer a wonderful mix of group socialization time, individualized one-on-one therapy, and engaging learning tools that support each child at their own pace. By infusing a multitude of ABA therapy learning styles into each impactful session, children at our ABA clinic in Drexel Hill can learn to develop:

  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Awareness of Self & Others
  • Increased Focus & Memory
  • Appropriate Social Behaviors
  • & More Practical Life Skills…

Experienced ABA Clinicians

Our ABA clinic is powered by clinicians who are devoted, experienced and actively pursue the latest in ABA therapy research. We take an active interest in the well-being of each child we serve. Our team understands that to inspire lasting progress, the best ABA therapy begins with trusting relationships and an environment that promotes calm and productive learning.

Our clinics are guided by our Clinical Director and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), who prepare constructive blueprints of ABA care that highlight each child’s strengths and needs. Our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) in Drexel Hill, PA strive to make a positive difference every day by utilizing hands-on learning materials, engaging social activities, and relatable toys to keep the kids motivated and excited to learn! Throughout ABA therapy, our clinical team constantly evaluates, collaborates, and adjusts the autism treatment plans as each child progresses and their needs evolve.

Our ABA Therapy Process:

  • Care coordination phone call & intake process
  • Individual Assessment
  • Treatment plan creation
  • Learn & grow with our supportive ABA therapy team!

In-clinic autism therapy closely replicates the social interactions and environmental stimulation encountered daily and can help children with autism apply ABA therapy lessons learned in their daily interactions.

Drexel Hill Offers Occupational Therapy

At HHF, Occupational Therapy focuses on helping children carry out and meaningfully participate in activities of daily living. Some activities OT can help children develop in are:

  • Self-care
  • Play
  • Academic participation
  • Social participation

These types of activities are both necessary and fulfilling to our patients lives. Occupational Therapists build strategies based off each child’s individual environment, lifestyle, and abilities.

After admission into the program, our HHF Occupational Therapists evaluate clients. These evaluations help our clinical teams determine specific recommendations and goals for Occupational Therapy sessions. Information also useful in shaping each child’s treatment is information provided by parents or caregivers and clinical observations made during the evaluation. The areas evaluated consist are:

HHF uses a child-led and play-based version of Occupational Therapy, emphasizing natural environments, stimuli, and least restrictive programming. HHF Occupational Therapists coordinate care with the child’s care team, including the parent/caregivers, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and their Speech Therapy team. This coordination leads to a consistency in treatment, generalization of skills across services, and a more stable treatment environment.

Speech Therapy at Drexel Hill

At HHF, Speech Therapy focuses on treating communication, speech and swallowing difficulties in children with autism. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) interact with children through talking and playing with the child as a stimulation. Speech Therapy aims for improvement in the following areas.

  • Speech
  • Language
  • Social communication
  • Cognitive communication
  • Swallowing skills

HHF Speech Language Pathologists complete a full evaluation upon admission to the program. A typical evaluation consists of:

After the evaluation process, our SLP will review the results of these evaluations to generate a diagnosis and recommend goals for Speech Therapy services. The areas evaluated consist of:

HHF Speech Language Pathologists coordinate care with the individuals care team, including the parent/caregivers, the ABA team, and their Occupational Therapy team, by working closely with them to ensure consistency in treatment and generalization of skills across services, environments, and people.

Speech Therapy at Drexel Hill​

Help Your Child Live Their Best Life!

Before beginning ABA therapy with our team, we’ll gladly teach you more about our evidence-based techniques and introduce you to our credentialed staff members. We want to help you reach ABA therapy success in Delaware County with personalized autism services, convenient clinic locations, and access to parent training. Whether you are in Drexel Hill or need quality ABA services in West Chester, PA, or other Delaware County locations across the state, we make our services as accessible and approachable as possible.

Let’s Start Now!

By approaching each child’s ABA plan with their big-picture growth in mind, the possibilities are limitless with our ABA services! To learn more about our play-based learning, safe clinical settings, and the many ways our supportive autism services can help you and your child thrive, reach out to our experts for free information about our ABA services today!

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