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Clinical Director: Courtney Stewart, MA, BCBA, LBA


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Applied Behavior Analysis at Utah State University
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Professional Behavior at Florida Institute of Technology


  • Years of Experience: 13

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Let us show you how ABA Therapy can help your child achieve their greatest potential.

Your Child Deserves Personalized & Compassionate ABA Therapy

Helping Hands Family’s supportive approach to autism therapy can significantly improve your child’s quality of life.

Our clinics offer:

Courtney Stewart, our passionate Clinical Director, leads both our in-home ABA services and clinic-based ABA in Columbia, MD.  

Even if you are just beginning your ABA therapy journey, we provide comprehensive support for our Columbia, MD families. Before your child begins to learn, grow, and thrive with our caring ABA team, we can help you:

In striving to be the best ABA therapy in Bethesda, MD, and Columbia, MD we empower our clients by:

Your child’s learning and development needs are unique. Our behavior plans carefully considers your child’s:

Once we understand your child’s needs and goals clearly, positive reinforcement and play-based autism services can begin!

ABA therapy in Columbia, MD

How Child-Specific ABA Services Can Help

We support a child’s behavior and functional progress with:

For example, by teaching children with autism how to express their needs and desires more clearly, important life skills like asking for help or requesting a specific item can lead to greater independence and confidence in daily life. 

HHF’s best ABA therapy plans involve a combination of helpful learning elements and exciting activities.  Our ABA services aim for a child to reach behavioral, social, and functional milestones. The HHF clinicians help your child develop important problem-solving skills and effective communication. To expand our treatment, we teach your family how to maintain progress by incorporating exercises at home, which is an equally important step! 

Our experienced team will teach you about your child’s treatment plan, and how to incorporate the lessons at home. This keeps you actively involved as we continue to reach new breakthroughs together. In addition, we actively assess and improve upon your child’s behavior plan. This ensures that we are constantly building upon lessons learned and making the most of each session!

How Child-Specific ABA Services Can Help​

Are You Looking for Autism Services in Columbia, MD?

Our caring team in Columbia, MD will support you through the whole ABA process.

Required documents to get started at HHF include:

  • An official autism diagnosis

  • An autism services (ABA Therapy) prescription

  • An accepted insurance plan

Even if you don’t have a diagnosis or insurance yet, we’ll gladly help you find a licensed diagnostic provider, a qualified insurance plan, and anything else necessary to begin receiving the best ABA care your child deserves!

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*We also have out-of-network and private pay options. Contact us to verify your insurance benefits today!