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Tracey Gunther

Clinical Director: Tracey Gunther, MA, BCBA, LBS


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Psychology at Cabrini College
  • Masters of Science (M.S.) School Counseling at Eastern College
  • Masters of Science (M.S.) Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University


  • Years of Experience: 30

Tracey is empowered by her passion for helping people! Even during the long workdays, her energy never declines, because of the goal to reach the excitement and celebration that accompanies positive outcomes. These clinical wins lead to drastic improvements in the lives of each child and their families. Tracey has spoken with grateful families able to go on vacation or venture out for dinner, activities that were not possible prior to their child starting ABA therapy. Those are the stories that have motivated her throughout her 30 years of working in a clinical setting, where Tracey has experience in helping kids with a variety of diagnoses including autism, ADD, ASD, learning disabilities, social difficulties, and behavioral challenges. In thinking back on her career, Tracey could not imagine working in another field. The wonder and happiness she experiences as children reach their highest potential is as strong as it was in her first days in behavioral health!

Those first days started at Cabrini College, where Tracey earned her Degree in Psychology. Her passion in the field drove her to continue her education, which earned her Master’s degrees in both School Counseling and in Applied Behavior Analysis from Eastern College and Penn State University. As a BCBA, Tracey consistently took the approach of providing individualized and quality treatment to her patients, an approach she continues as the Clinical Director in the HHF Collegeville clinic.

Benefits of Collegeville ABA Therapy


  • 8 — 1-on-1 therapy rooms
  • Socialization Play Area
  • Feeding Room
  • Occupational Therapy Room

Additional Services: Feeding Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Parent Training

Favorite Restaurants Nearby the Clinic: Collegeville Italian Bakery Pizzeria
Napoletana, Italian Delite Restaurant, and Main Pizza

Clinic Based Autism Services in Collegeville PA

The caring, dedicated, and empathetic clinical staff have driven the personalized implementation of ABA Therapy in Collegeville PA. This approach ensures each child in the clinic is receiving a unique treatment based on their strengths and weaknesses. With additional disciplines such as occupational therapy and feeding therapy, the Collegeville autism treatment is also collaborative. If a child sees separate clinicians for multiple disciplines, the clinicians will meet to track progress and collaborate to adapt treatment strategies for each child they share.

The Collegeville staff’s passion for helping children and their families navigate an autism diagnosis is apparent from the clinic’s energized atmosphere. The Collegeville Registered Behavior Therapists (RBTs) do not view their role as simply a job but a rewarding career and fulfilling lifestyle! Not only does the HHF Collegeville autism services clinic excel at positivity, but their staff promotes positive reinforcement for successful sessions.

What to Know Before Bringing Your Child to ABA Therapy in Collegeville PA

The Collegeville autism therapy clinic offers an environment that prioritizes the physical, emotional, and mental safety of your child. The experienced and well-trained staff collaborate to deliver individualized programs, each catered to the unique needs of every child. This personalization generally offers higher success rates! Our staff dedicate themselves to doing the best for each family by giving everything they have to help each child at the clinic reach their highest potential!

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How ABA Therapy Can Help Your Child

All of the HHF clinics combine evidence-based ABA therapy with a focus on positive reinforcement and play-based, child-led care. Our expertise in behavior therapy and learning strategies pairs with fun and inspiring activities that take the stress out of sessions! With other ABA therapy techniques like motivational rewards, constant encouragement, and a calm learning environment, we support learning while developing useful life skills with every session. 

With a balanced autism therapy plan and our clinical team’s guidance, our compassionate ABA therapy team in Collegeville, PA may help your child with:

  • Increasing academic growth
  • Improving socialization skills 
  • Minimizing communication challenges
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Recognizing the importance of self-care
  • Reducing problematic behaviors
  • Increasing attention & memory
  • Facilitating motor skill development
  • & So much more!

Children With Autism Can Live Rewarding & Fulfilling Lives

Even though children with autism may learn or respond to environmental influences differently, individuals with autism can develop to lead independent, productive, and fulfilling lifestyles! While the road to functional independence or success in school may look different, we’re on a mission to light the path for our clients! Through attainable milestones, effective learning strategies, and constant encouragement, a child may show improvement in problem-solving skills, managing daily tasks, and approaching creative thinking, which can lead to unlimited possibilities in life.   The earlier children with autism are supported with appropriate tools and constructive autism treatment, the more likely they are to unlock their highest potential. Since our autism services seamlessly blend learned abilities, daily routines, and typical activities, the progress made in ABA therapy can transition into habits that last a lifetime. Whether receiving care at our autism center or utilizing our in-home autism services, we’re here to help your child blossom. If you are far from our Collegeville location, we also offer ABA therapy in Drexel Hill, PA, and many other PA locations!

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Thoughtful ABA therapy backed by a caring and experienced team provides the building blocks towards improved function, behavioral improvements, and maximizing potential! Our supportive ABA therapy team in Collegeville provides highly-individualized autism services. Helping Hands Family’s goal is to empower the children and families we serve with attentive guidance, authentic support, and need-specific development plans.

Since ABA therapy is effective for a broad range of ASD-related challenges, our autism services start with a personalized behavior plan. Before creating your child’s plan, our BCBA completes a detailed initial assessment to help build your child the most effective path toward ABA success. Of course, how the autism therapy journey looks in a plan can vary significantly, and our thorough processes allow us to integrate the most appropriate ABA service techniques into your child’s development plan. As we progress through the autism therapy program, our frequent assessments and fluid autism support promote continued progress in the right direction.

In Collegeville, PA, our ABA clinic provides compassionate care to all our families and clients.. If you are just getting started with ABA services, our in-clinic autism services in Collegeville include all of our support options. You can schedule an initial ABA assessment and develop a detailed plan with our team. Along with Collegeville, we also offer the same amazing autism services in Paoli, PA.

As ever-changing as your child’s needs are, our ABA clinic offers autism therapy plans that are adaptable. For example, perhaps your child may benefit from in-home autism services initially, then can progress to our autism center when they are ready to engage with other children. However we can best support you and your child’s needs in every way, we are here to simplify every detail.

For free information about our ABA services or to schedule a consultation, reach out to our caring team in Collegeville, PA and we’ll walk you through the simple steps to get started!

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