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Kelly Decker

Clinical Director: Kelly Decker, M.A., BCBA


  • Bachelor’s degree (B.S.) in Elementary Education at Rowan University
  • Master of Education (M.E.) in ABA Therapy at Rowan University


  • Years of Experience: 5

As the Clinic Director of the Mt. Laurel clinic, Kelly brings classroom insight necessary for helping the kids at the clinic successfully transition to the classroom setting. Developed from years of experience, Kelly’s philosophy is that experienced clinical staff have an instinct to know the personal milestones that are necessary for a successful transition into school. She started accumulating this insight by earning her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Rowan University and her experience as a classroom teacher. Kelly worked for three years in a multiple disability classroom.

The years teaching ignited Kelly’s passion in ABA instruction, which led her to return to school for ABA Therapy. After receiving her master’s degree, Kelly worked at an inclusion preschool for several years, which reinforced her expertise in school readiness and inclusion. Most recently, Kelly was a BCBA at Helping Hands Family prior to becoming the Clinical Director at Mt. Laurel.

Benefits of Mt. Laurel Autism Therapy


  • 9 — 1-on-1 therapy rooms
  • Socialization Play Area

Favorite Restaurants Nearby the Clinic: LaScala’s Pronto

Successfully Implementing Autism Treatment in Mt. Laurel NJ

The Mt. Laurel ASD treatment approach centers around building a child’s goals from their initial evaluation. This ensures goals are challenging enough to generate positive impact but not impossible, which may frustrate a child. Treatment plans include elements of individual therapy mixed with exercises designed to enhance social skills and communication. While individual therapy rooms are utilized, there are scheduled sessions where children participate in activities in pairs, chosen by age and ability level. One of the aims of our treatment is to successfully help children transition into a school setting. Social activities such as circle time, group art projects, and group snack times are used to exhibit a school setting.

With an extensive clinic space, the Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs) of Mt. Laurel offer a wide range of activities to identify what resonates with your child, whether it is reading, dramatic play, or crafts. The Mt Laurel clinic offers an abundance of toys and plans a variety of activities to help unlock your child’s greatest potential! In order to track the progress with all of the activities, our staff keeps a daily log.

What to Know Before Bringing Your Child to ABA Therapy in Mt. Laurel NJ

Initial separation from parents is difficult for the children during their first clinic days, but the Mt Laurel staff is comfortable and confident in the autism therapy approach! Our staff’s success is attributed to their empathetic and dedicated nature, which allows our staff to expand on ABA lessons as compared to other clinics. Some activities our RBTs have championed in Mt. Laurel include reading time, music practice, dramatic play, and gross motor-skills.

Our clinic space offers our RBTs and BCBAs the ability to mix individual therapy with group activities to prep your child for transitioning back to school! Due to our resources, Mt. Laurel offers a comprehensive treatment composed of both individual and group activities to provide your child a healthy balance of focus and socialization.

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In-Home & Clinic-Based Autism Services in Mount Laurel, NJ

Every child with autism has unique learning or developmental needs, and our autism services revolve around child-specific planning that highlights the big-picture growth goals. By taking more time to understand each child’s gifts and talents before providing care, our autism therapy is designed to reduce learning stressors and improve quality of life. The Helping Hands Family clinical staff consistently motivates the children we serve to keep growing and applying their new abilities in daily interactions.

Since our immersive ABA therapy services can address a spectrum of ASD-related challenges, the way we support each child can vary significantly. While the focus of each session may be different, the guiding principles behind our approach to autism therapy include:

  • Child-led play
  • A safe environment for learning
  • Reward-based positive reinforcement
  • Constructive communication
  • Constant assessment & plan refinement to build upon the growth
  • Consistent communication with family & caregivers
  • Establishing a cohesive learning foundation
  • Conscientious lesson planning
  • Patient ABA therapy that learns at the pace of each child

Leaders in ABA Therapy for Children With Autism

ABA services at our fun and colorful autism center unite joyful learning with meaningful growth! We provide highly-personalized support, connecting each child with more one-on-one time and a safe environment. Days at our clinics are composed of an amazing variety of games, functional toys, and interactive activities that make productive ABA time feel like a day at the playground!

Nearly identical to our high-quality autism services in Philadelphia, our in-home autism services are top-rated and available across Mount Laurel, NJ. We provide education about our process through comprehensive assessments and initial planning meetings.

Incredibly beneficial for many children with autism, our in-home services offer the ability to develop trusting bonds with our providers, incorporate learned skills into home life, and feel secure while progressing through ABA therapy. If your child struggles with unfamiliar locations, stressful social situations, or overstimulating experiences, in-home ABA therapy is often the best place to start.

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When children with autism are provided with a foundation of fun, encouragement, and goal-oriented learning, a lifetime of functional benefits emerge! Our ABA therapy services in Mount Laurel, NJ accommodate children and their families from all walks of life. Our Helping Hands Family clinics provide comprehensive, personalized, and exceptional autism therapy, which is beneficial in so many ways!

Powered by a caring and experienced team of autism therapy professionals, we’re proud to offer a variety of ABA solutions for our clients. If you and your child are new to ABA therapy, we provide an array of support services to help you get started, such as:

  • Certified BCBAs provide ABA
  • Assessments & Personalized Behavior Plan
  • Assistance With learning about your ASD-Related Insurance Coverage
  • Supportive Clinic Environment & In-Home Autism Services in Mount Laurel, NJ

Our welcoming ABA center in Mount Laurel, NJ makes it easy to get started! Before scheduling an initial assessment with our Board Certified Behavior Analysts, feel free to get in touch with us and learn more about our child-first ABA therapy at our other clinics in CT, MD, NJ, NY, and PA. Our ABA clinic is founded on integrity and transparency, and we will gladly walk you through every detail of our practices before getting started.

Have other questions about our ABA services or need assistance with the first steps? We can assist and simplify your transition towards a more supportive environment for your child, please let us know what we can do to help!

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