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Helping Hands Family offers comprehensive ABA therapy to children with Autism.

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ABA Therapy can Help Improve Your Child’s Quality of Life

We believe in the unlimited potential of children with autism. We use a child-led therapy called Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) to help our patients reach their highest potential. We approach our treatment plans, interactions with families, and time helping nurture your children with the goal to deliver personalized and positive interactions with each patient.

We rigorously measure our progress in each session and proudly publish our behavior care therapy results. When we see significant growth in children’s communication, behavior, and social skills, it doesn’t surprise us, it reminds us how much potential children with autism truly have.

Your Child With Autism Deserves Expert Care & Support

Our personalized approach to ABA therapy begins with a focus on each child’s unique skills, aspirations, and needs for the future. Every child with autism learns differently, and we believe that the best ABA therapy is provided through meaningful relationships, tailored care plans, and compassion.

While supporting a child with ABA therapy, our balanced guidance also extends to the families we serve. We openly include family members in the learning process and will teach you how to incorporate customized lesson plans into your home. By making personalized ABA therapy a part of everyday life, functional independence, confident communication, and appropriate behaviors can blossom!

Designed to be accessible, our ABA services alleviate many of the challenges associated with finding and receiving the quality behavior care therapy your child deserves. Our experienced ABA professionals provide children with autism and their families:

Our care coordination team can guide you through all of the initial requirements to receive approved autism therapy services. We provide BCBA-led initial consultations, which is an essential first step to building your child’s unique therapy plan.

Our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), and support staff members are experts in the autism field. Our clinical team has numerous credentials, certifications, and years of experience providing behavioral support to children with autism.

We have many convenient locations, proudly offering our comprehensive ABA therapy in Shelton, CT, and across MD, NJ, NY, and PA. Depending on your child’s needs, our team will provide autism support services that are the best fit for your family. In certain locations, we also offer Speech Therapy and Pediatric Occupational Therapy to help your child with autism thrive in all areas.

Whether you want to learn more about evidence-based ABA therapy or you would like assistance finding out if your insurance plan covers autism therapy services, we are a reliable resource for considerations in behavior care therapy.

Why Helping Hands Family

Why Choose Us

Helping Hands Family is an experienced group of Behavioral Clinicians and ABA specialists working across CT, MD, NJ, NY, and PA.

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Compassionate approach

We value individuals for who they are, from the children we treat, their families, to our partners and clinical team members.

Family Support

Our supportive, inclusive culture helps everyone reach their highest potential.

Personalized Treatment

We create a unique treatment plan specific to your child.

Collaborative Team

We have a collaborative environment and allow everyone to have a voice.

Quality ABA Therapy

Helping Hands Family is a ABA Therapy provider with locations in CT, MD, NJ, NY, and PA. We use the American Medical Association endorsed Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) practice to better the lives of our patients. Our goal is to help parents and referral sources navigate the path to starting therapy and to foster continuous improvement over the course of treatment.

We love what we do

The team that’s always on the side of children

We are a collaborative, highly skilled and experienced team that loves what we do. Together, we build patient-focused, individualized therapy plans that we administer with care, compassion and consistency. In addition, our clinical team leaders provide exceptional guidance and mentorship to all of our clinicians to ensure the most productive therapeutic experience as well as a positive environment for everyone. Find out more about how our highly trained team can nurture amazing achievement in your child.
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Helping Hands Family Autism Services

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Helping Hands Family offers comprehensive ABA therapy to children with Autism. We have locations across CT, MD, NJ, NY, and PA.

We are Certified!

BHCOE Accredited, Great Place to Work Certified, & Proud CASP Member

BHCOE award

We have earned 100% accreditation from the Behavior Health Center of Excellence. We are honored to work with the BHCOE to ensure that we always lead with high quality, effective therapy.

We are very proud of our workplace and are honored to have recently received the Great Place to Work certification, which is based entirely on what current team members say about their experience working at HHF.
We are a proud member of CASP and work with them to ensure we are holding ourselves to the highest standard in terms of quality treatment, and to create a strong national presence of ethical autism providers.

Customized Treatment Plans That Meet Your Child’s Needs

Quality ABA therapy is proven to promote communication ability, functional social skills, problem-solving abilities, and a better understanding of constructive behaviors. Highly-personalized ABA therapy benefits a child with autism by providing developmental plans and support that accurately align with their specific needs.

Sometimes pediatric autism therapy, such as our autism services in Doylestown, PA, or our many other clinics, may not even look like therapy since it is play-based, but ABA has passed effectiveness studies given by the US Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association! Our ABA team actively combines evidence-based autism services with play-based learning, positive reinforcement, functional development, and relatable learning tools. Since learning often feels like fun, children look forward to the sessions, develop pride as their skills progress, and gain confidence that extends into every other facet of life.

Following our initial consultation, we work with you and your child to develop a behavior and care therapy plan that aligns with your schedule and long-term goals. Learning communication and behavior skills requires patience, and our understanding providers know that the best outcomes stem from accommodating care. We organize our ABA services around your goals and work hard to incorporate our learning plans into a routine that makes it easier for you and your child with autism to succeed.

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We Also Offer In-Home Autism Services!

In some cases, the comfort and familiarity of home can help set the stage for productive, engaged, and less intimidating ABA therapy! In-home autism services can be beneficial for children who are just beginning or are easily overstimulated in a shared learning space. The calm and secure home environment helps many children to associate learning with a positive experience.

Our in-home ABA therapy team members, similar to all our team members, take the time to build a trustworthy rapport with each child, further enriching the overall learning experience.

Alongside our relaxed in-home ABA therapy, we will also teach you or your child’s caregivers all about the program. You’ll have our ongoing support that will help you learn how to encourage your child’s development with simple routines at home.

We Are Growing Our Team

Do you have a passion for helping others and want to partner with an ABA provider that supports your ongoing development? We currently have openings for BCBA jobs in NJ, PA, MD, and CT, and are always looking for caring ABA professionals who are hoping to make a big difference!

Even if you are new to the field of ABA therapy, we will gladly teach you more about the different ABA services and help you plan for your education. We frequently update our RBT jobs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Connecticut, so be sure to save our page and get in touch when you are ready to start making a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve.

Our behavior care therapy staff benefit from a hands-on, 4-week ABA training program. They also have access to a variety of fulfilling ABA therapy career opportunities, and there is always room to grow with our ABA company!

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Find HH Family Support Near You!

Ready to learn more about our autism support services or find autism specialists near you? We have teams across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Connecticut. You can contact us to find a team located near you. Whether you are looking for autism therapy in Philadelphia, or another area, we can guide you to the best services for your child’s needs.

You can also reach out for autism services in Chatham, NJ, get connected with a team, or find a therapist for your child. We also have teams ready to help your family with ABA therapy in Edison, NJ, and many more locations in the Northeast.

Contact Helping Hands Family today to start the process!

We Are Certified To Provide ABA Therapy in Many States

HHF continues to expand our footprint to provide ABA therapy that is not only accessible but beneficial. From Maryland to Connecticut, connecting with our experienced team is as simple as reaching out for a free consultation to learn more about our child-led ABA therapy approach.

Even if you live outside of our expanding range of clinics in PA, NJ, or CT, our inclusive autism home support services open the doors to success in autism therapy! In-home ABA therapy in Columbia, MD, NJ, or our various other states can be a great way to establish a well-rounded behavior therapy foundation, before progressing to one of our enriching clinical atmospheres.

To make our beneficial autism treatment a reality for more families, we continue to open new, state-of-the-art clinical settings. Inside our welcoming and upbeat clinics, your child becomes a part of the play-based growth with amazing learning tools and stimulating group activities. With plenty of one-on-one time, your child will learn and grow with our ABA team in a comfortable and supportive space.

Regardless of the learning environment that’s best for your child, all of our clinical ABA services and in-home autism services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are made possible by licensed and compassionate team members who provide:

  • Constant family communication
  • Practical tips to bring the ABA lessons home
  • Evidence-based behavior therapy interventions
  • Gentle, safe, and encouraging autism services

Led by our passionate clinical team, behavior care therapy comes to life for our clients in CT! The Helping Hands Family team goes above and beyond with every ABA therapy session by teaching children through meaningful interactions. 

Our autism treatment offers:

– Child-led sessions

– Compassionate encouragement

– Intentional learning strategies

– Individualized treatment plans

Our approach utilizes the latest strategies in behavior research. With both in-clinic and autism home support opportunities available, our services are both accessible and appropriate for children with autism at every stage of development.

Across Maryland, our ABA therapy clients enjoy a balance of individualized care and rewarding group activities. Our autism therapy in Elkridge, MD is driven by: 

– Play-based learning

– One-on-one encouragement

– Communication exercises

– Child-led activities

 This ABA approach promotes greater academic focus, clearer self-expression, increased socialization, and appropriate social behavior.

With several convenient ABA therapy service areas in MD, we make it easy to get started. To find a clinic or learn more about our autism services, contact our Care Coordinators for helpful details today!

Evidence-based therapy and inclusive family support are pillars of our caring ABA philosophy in New Jersey. Our New Jersey ABA therapy team strives to create a cohesive and individualized learning plan for each individual and communicate with the child’s family to extend our autism therapy from our clinic into the home environment. 

When you partner with our compassionate autism services in Camden, NJ, and the rest of our service locations, you can expect: 

– Frequent plan assessments and updates to evolve our ABA therapy approach with your child’s needs

– Practical ideas to help you nurture your child’s growth at home

– Guidance from start to finish for enrolling your child in autism therapy

The goal of our collaborative and compassionate clinical team in Pennsylvania is to provide practical support for every PA family in search of better autism care. With our ABA therapy in Newtown Square, PA, and throughout the state, our behavior plans are fun, personalized, & engaging.

If you’re searching for ABA therapy near Penn Hills, PA, or any of our other locations, learn more about Helping Hands Family, which individualizes autism therapy for your child. As your child learns, communicates, and interacts with the world, our team adapts the ABA therapy plan to their needs. 

We are dedicated to simplifying every step on the journey toward meaningful growth in communication, functional skills, and behavior! 

For information about our ABA therapy or another nearby location, contact our helpful team for free autism resources, and enrollment assistance, and learn more about our caring approach to ABA therapy today! 

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