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Benefits of Doylestown ABA Therapy


  • 8 — 1-on-1 therapy rooms
  • Socialization Play Area
  • Gross Motor Room (Jungle Room)

Additional Services: Occupational Therapy and Feeding Consults (remote)

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Personalized Autism Treatment in Doylestown, PA

Our experienced Doylestown staff are deliberate in their approach to make every treatment opportunity engaging and meaningful. The Registered Behavior Therapists (RBTs) utilize every advantage to progress the kids in their clinic! With a dynamic clinic space of individual therapy rooms and a large play area, kids receive a healthy mix of individual and group sessions, which prepares them for various environments that they’ll encounter in daily life.

The RBTs even utilize the transitions from group activities to individual therapy as an opportunity to teach kids about adapting to change.

The Clinic Director and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) have built out clinic systems to develop the tools kids will need in their everyday lives. Their strategy not only incorporates learning but also the application of lessons to real world settings. While having developed clinic systems, the Doylestown staff still offers unique autism treatment plans. Our clinical team constantly works to perfect each child’s areas of emphasis with more nuanced programs that offer each child more individualized attention than they’ve received previously.

What to Know Before Bringing Your Child to ABA Therapy in Doylestown, PA

The clinical staff constantly works to advance themselves, collaborate with other staff members, and improve the ABA Therapy in Doylestown. The staff’s drive for development can be seen in the many fellows included on the Doylestown clinical team, who are returning to school to advance their education. The success of the Doylestown autism treatments shows the importance of having a staff invested in supporting children with autism and their families. From the staff’s experience and the entire clinic team’s determination, our Doylestown clinic is a first-rate clinic for comfortably and naturally assimilating your child to practicing more meaningful social interactions.

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ABA Therapy Individualized To Meet Your Child’s Needs

During the initial assessment process, your BCBA will provide you and your child with a concise blueprint for ABA success. We specialize in implementing multi-faceted plans for each child that provides impactful care to address the many related functional or behavioral needs of each child. Similar to our ABA services in Paoli, PA, and across the state, our Doylestown clinic also offers access to speech therapy, occupational motor development, and assistance with other important self-care skills like feeding therapy.

Throughout your child’s ABA therapy care sessions, our autism center in Doylestown, PA will connect you with:

  • A step-by-step plan of progression
  • Information about the personalized ABA therapy plan for your child
  • Education and Parent Training to maximize our child’s success with ABA practices at home

Benefits of Autism Therapy:

  • Help reduce children’s non-beneficial behaviors
  • Learning Readiness
  • Functional motor skills
  • Increase ability to communicate needs

Autism Services Personalized for Your Child

Our personalized autism support begins with the most motivated and caring team of ABA clinicians in Doylestown! Every interaction is intentional in our clinic, which includes socialization in group activities and goal-oriented one-on-one time with our ABA clinicians.

We actively look for opportunities to infuse educational moments into every activity for learning that happens naturally. Since our play-based and positively reinforcing approach simply feels like fun, the result is fewer distractions and stressors while appropriate behaviors and meaningful functions begin to blossom.

Doylestown Offers Occupational Therapy

At HHF, Occupational Therapy focuses on helping children carry out and meaningfully participate in activities of daily living. Some activities OT can help children develop in are:

  • Self-care
  • Play
  • Academic participation
  • Social participation

These types of activities are both necessary and fulfilling to our patients lives. Occupational Therapists build strategies based off each child’s individual environment, lifestyle, and abilities.

After admission into the program, our HHF Occupational Therapists evaluate clients. These evaluations help our clinical teams determine specific recommendations and goals for Occupational Therapy sessions. Information also useful in shaping each child’s treatment is information provided by parents or caregivers and clinical observations made during the evaluation. The areas evaluated consist are:

HHF uses a child-led and play-based version of Occupational Therapy, emphasizing natural environments, stimuli, and least restrictive programming. HHF Occupational Therapists coordinate care with the child’s care team, including the parent/caregivers, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and their Speech Therapy team. This coordination leads to a consistency in treatment, generalization of skills across services, and a more stable treatment environment.

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At Helping Hands Family in Doylestown, PA, autism therapy and the joy of learning come together! Our experienced ABA therapy clinicians are dedicated to helping each child reach their highest potential, through a patient approach, consistent encouragement, and attentive support for ABA therapy that gets to the heart of each child’s goals and needs!

Rather than providing a typical classroom structure, you’ll find that our ABA clinic is not your average learning environment! Our passionate Clinical Director and collaborative ABA clinicians have developed an atmosphere that’s interactive, safe, and filled with engaging ABA learning tools that motivate each child to continue progressing and growing.

Within our fun and colorful ABA clinic in Doylestown, PA, some of our progress-oriented tactics and activities include:

  • Group activities that provide meaningful social interaction
  • Games & toys that promote problem-solving & motor skill development
  • Quiet therapy rooms to progress with individual goals
  • Innovative learning tools to support each child’s specific ABA therapy plan

Our compassionate clinicians and thoughtfully designed clinic inspire newfound learning possibilities each day! We strive to establish an environment that quickly becomes familiar and feels safe for the children we serve. This comfortable setting leads to trust in our team and improved outcomes as our productive playtime keep the focus on goal-oriented growth.

Excited to learn more about the many ways our caring clinicians at Helping Hands Family can help? Even if you happen to be outside of the Doylestown area, we are proud to offer ABA therapy in Abington, PA, and are continuously expanding our service areas to become the most accessible autism therapy available. Simply get in touch with our courteous team at Helping Hands Family and explore the many ways we can help you and your child live their best lives!

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