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Clinical Director: Christina Bean, M.Ed., BCBA, LBS


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Special Education at Slippery Rock University
  • Masters of Education (M.E.) Applied Behavior Analysis at University of Cincinnati


  • Years of Experience: 12 years of ABA experience with 5 years as a BCBA

Benefits of Lehigh Valley Autism Treatment


  • 8 — 1-on-1 therapy rooms
  • Socialization Play Area
  • Occupational Therapy Room

Additional Services: Feeding Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Favorite Restaurants Nearby the Clinic: Braveheart Highland Pub

Adaptable ABA Therapy in Lehigh Valley, PA

From the first day your child starts autism therapy at Lehigh Valley, our staff consistently communicates progress with parents and involves the family in the treatment plan! One example of this is the monthly meetings our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) schedules with the families of each child, which can last for hours. In these sessions, parents not only have the ability ask questions about their child’s autism treatment plan but can learn strategies for adapting aspects of treatment into life at home.

Our dedicated staff involvement resonates from the passion our BCBAs and RBTs have for helping children with autism. Our Lehigh Valley autism clinic has a strong culture and collaborative environment where the staff pushes each other to learn and grow. While your child is assigned to one primary Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), they have an entire clinical team working on their behalf because of the teamwork and collaboration at the Lehigh Valley clinic!

What to Know Before Bringing Your Child to ABA Therapy in Lehigh Valley, PA

The first few clinic sessions are the most critical because our RBT works to build a relationship with your child, which will drive the ABA Therapy approach. After those initial sessions, a BCBA will meet with your child’s RBT to determine where a child learns best and the activities most stimulating to them. As our clinical team assesses your child’s response to our clinic and the treatment, your child’s treatment plans is adjusted to ensure the best results!

Dropping your child off at the clinic the first few times may be intimidating but take comfort that our clinic offers your child an effective, child-led, personalized treatment based on play-based activities and positive reinforcement. With theme rooms, shelves full of toys, and a smiling staff, our Lehigh Valley ABA Therapy clinic establishes an atmosphere that your child wants to return to the following day!

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Our Autism Treatment Plans Are Personalized to Fit Your Child’s Unique Needs

Providing immersive and highly-personalized autism therapy near Allentown, PA, begins with our informative consultations and initial assessment. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) have extensive experience developing personalized behavior plans for every ASD diagnosis. By conducting comprehensive initial assessments our caring team can provide a more impactful autism treatment plan. For example, if your child’s quality of life would improve with decreased difficulty in eating, our collaborative ABA services can combine elements of occupational therapy with feeding therapy to improve sensory tolerance to various food textures.

Keys to Our ABA Therapy in Lehigh Valley, PA:

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Parental involvement
  • Intensive therapy
  • Flexible treatment plans

No Treatment Plan Is the Same

Even for similar ASD diagnoses, our ABA therapy plans are unique to each child. While fundamental components of ABA therapy remain the same, our approach varies in treatment duration, goal setting, treatment frequency, learning tools utilized, and activities planned based on each individual child’s needs.

In harmony with our thoughtful ABA therapy planning, our ABA clinic continues to build upon each child’s developmental milestones from Allentown to Lehigh Valley, PA with:

  • Clinicians who work together
  • Coordinated treatment plans
  • Clear communication with you, your family, and caregivers
  • Frequent plan evaluation and refinement
  • Parent Training that included practical tips for integrating our ABA therapy lessons at home
  • An atmosphere that inspires children to continue learning and growing

Occupational Therapy at Lehigh Valley

At HHF, Occupational Therapy focuses on helping children carry out and meaningfully participate in activities of daily living. Some activities OT can help children develop in are:

  • Self-care
  • Play
  • Academic participation
  • Social participation

These types of activities are both necessary and fulfilling to our patients lives. Occupational Therapists build strategies based off each child’s individual environment, lifestyle, and abilities.

After admission into the program, our HHF Occupational Therapists evaluate clients. These evaluations help our clinical teams determine specific recommendations and goals for Occupational Therapy sessions. Information also useful in shaping each child’s treatment is information provided by parents or caregivers and clinical observations made during the evaluation. The areas evaluated consist are:

Occupational Therapy at Lehigh Valley​

The Most Reliable Autism Therapy in the Area

After receiving a detailed consultation, we offer multiple avenues of support for getting started or answering questions about receiving covered ABA services. Our autism center support staff will help you get started with the intake process all the way through working with insurance to learn about your ABA coverage. Always reach out to us directly for more information about anything and everything autism or ABA therapy.

With accessible autism services in Doylestown, PA, Allentown, Drexel Hill, and even Wyomissing, PA, we serve many areas in the state. Our clinical team will do everything we can to connect you with the quality autism services your child deserves! We even offer in-home or clinic-based autism services in Lehigh Valley based on your child’s needs.

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Our ABA services may help your child achieve newfound social skills, develop problem-solving abilities, and increase practical motor development. Whether you come to us from Bethlehem, PA or Allentown, PA or elsewhere you can rely on our caring team for in-home or clinic based autism services. We can’t wait to help your child unlock their greatest potential with autism therapy.

During a free consultation, feel free to ask us about our clinicians, other benefits of autism therapy, or let us know if ABA therapy in Wyomissing, PA or another nearby location would be more convenient for you and your child!

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