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Benefits of Paoli ABA Therapy


  • 12 — 1-on-1 therapy rooms
  • Socialization Play Area
  • Sensory Room
  • Occupational Therapy Room

Additional Services: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Feeding Training

Collaborative, Child-Led Autism Treatment in Paoli, PA

Autism services in Paoli approach children with love, respect, and compassion. The clinical team works to build rapport with clients by focusing on their interests. ABA Therapy in Paoli PA administers care through a patient and measured approach. By easing kids into the concept that they won’t always get their way and suggesting compromise, our clinicians build tolerance and open-mindedness.

Along with ABA Therapy, our Paoli autism treatment also includes occupational therapy and feeding therapy. Our Paoli-based Board Certified Behavior Analysts work to ensure all of these treatments are collaborative by working to reach common behavior goals and adapt to ensure a child progresses. Whether a patient’s treatment involves one or multiple disciplines, the Paoli autism services are individualized based on the needs of each child!

What to Know Before Bringing Your Child to ABA Therapy in Paoli, PA

Chelsea and her team are proud of their work and encourage parental and family involvement throughout every child’s autism therapy. Our goal is to ensure parents and caregivers are always comfortable and informed with the progress of their child’s autism therapy. Our experienced and well-trained Paoli team continuously implement behavioral solutions to make each child’s life better.

Our Paoli autism treatment is intimate, while still delivering extensive autism solutions! Our clinical team always strives for a fun, happy, and interactive atmosphere, so both patients and employees look forward to each day! With the staff’s investment to our mission, Paoli RBTs and BCBAs continuously improve, adapt, and advance treatment to each patient reach their greatest potential.

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The adaptable and collaborative care at our joyful ABA clinic in Paoli, PA provides the constructive atmosphere that children with autism deserve! Every child benefits from a highly-personalized ABA therapy plan, and our gentle approach to autism therapy is further enriched by the genuine compassion our clinicians live by! We help children with autism achieve functional and behavioral improvements, but our mission is to establish an environment that supports the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of each child.

Personalized Autism Services

While we may be biased because we love what we do, we think that autism therapy should be just as fun as it is beneficial! Our bright and welcoming ABA clinic in Paoli, PA has been carefully designed to support proven ABA services, and our staff is well-prepared with more ways to help each child succeed.

With fun-filled group activities, focused private time, and the most attentive team of ABA clinicians in the area, our Paoli clinic may open the doors to a range of functional and behavioral milestones. With fewer distractions, our experienced clinicians can make the most of each session. With our safe and calm atmosphere, a sense of familiarity and comfort minimizes the stressors associated with intimidating environments that can detract from the learning experience.

In our autism center or during in-home autism services, the children and families we work with are empowered with:

  • Consistent guidance and trusting relationships with our clinicians
  • Toys & games that promote meaningful skills like coordination and problem solving
  • Fun activities that replicate real-life situations and engagement with others
  • Quiet therapy spaces to practice and learn with our ABA clinicians
  • & So many other thoughtful additions that add value to every day of ABA therapy!

Parental Involvement Is Wanted & Encouraged

At Helping Hands Family in Paoli, PA, we always encourage children to be themselves. We are also here to encourage the families we work with throughout the entire learning process. Quality ABA therapy is an ongoing process, and when all parties are collaborating, the benefits of autism therapy are more likely to become ingrained in daily routines and lifelong habits.

During the initial steps, our unlimited guidance and ABA education are at your disposal. Throughout your child’s therapy progression, you will have direct involvement with every detail. We want the best for your child, and that means we want you to have the information and ABA details you need to provide a supportive home environment that builds upon the skills learned in the clinic!

We’ll teach you about beneficial ABA services like positive reinforcement, child-led lessons, and step-by-step skill development. Outside of Paoli, we offer focused autism services in Philadelphia, PA, and throughout the state to reach beneficial outcomes like improved self-expression, social confidence, and independent self-care skills.

Occupational Therapy at Paoli

At HHF, Occupational Therapy focuses on helping children carry out and meaningfully participate in activities of daily living. Some activities OT can help children develop in are:

  • Self-care
  • Play
  • Academic participation
  • Social participation

These types of activities are both necessary and fulfilling to our patients lives. Occupational Therapists build strategies based off each child’s individual environment, lifestyle, and abilities.

After admission into the program, our HHF Occupational Therapists evaluate clients. These evaluations help our clinical teams determine specific recommendations and goals for Occupational Therapy sessions. Information also useful in shaping each child’s treatment is information provided by parents or caregivers and clinical observations made during the evaluation. The areas evaluated consist are:

HHF uses a child-led and play-based version of Occupational Therapy, emphasizing natural environments, stimuli, and least restrictive programming. HHF Occupational Therapists coordinate care with the child’s care team, including the parent/caregivers, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and their Speech Therapy team. This coordination leads to a consistency in treatment, generalization of skills across services, and a more stable treatment environment.

Speech Therapy at the Paoli Clinic

At HHF, Speech Therapy focuses on treating communication, speech and swallowing difficulties in children with autism. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) interact with children through talking and playing with the child as a stimulation. Speech Therapy aims for improvement in the following areas.

  • Speech
  • Language
  • Social communication
  • Cognitive communication
  • Swallowing skills

HHF Speech Language Pathologists complete a full evaluation upon admission to the program. A typical evaluation consists of:

After the evaluation process, our SLP will review the results of these evaluations to generate a diagnosis and recommend goals for Speech Therapy services. The areas evaluated consist of:

HHF Speech Language Pathologists coordinate care with the individuals care team, including the parent/caregivers, the ABA team, and their Occupational Therapy team, by working closely with them to ensure consistency in treatment and generalization of skills across services, environments, and people.

Speech Therapy at Paoli

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As an autism center that practices positive reinforcement and play-based learning, encouragement and goal progression blend together seamlessly. Whether we are assisting your child with communication skills or teaching them useful learning strategies, our caring clinicians never lose sight of our primary goal; to improve the quality of life for the children and families we serve!

Excited to learn more about the many ways our autism center can help you and your child flourish? Like our supportive ABA services in Paoli, we offer ABA therapy in Drexel Hill, PA, and several nearby locations for your convenience. For questions, assistance with ASD coverage, or to schedule your first-time consultation, please let us know what we can do to help!

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