Proven Autism Treatment for Your Child

Proven Autism Treatment for Your Child

Child-Led Autism Care

High-quality autism treatment that is:

Each plan is built on individual assessments, making it unique to every child. Help your child achieve their greatest potential!

Why Choose Helping Hands Family?

Our clinical staff offers years of experience and a proven record of success. They are involved daily in your child’s treatment are dedicated to the treatment’s success.

Child-led autism care

We are in-network with most major insurance companies and lead the efforts to explore your insurance coverage, including Independence Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, and more.

Our clinical team creates a customized treatment plan for your child with unique goals. We ensure your entire family is involved and updated to maximize the success.

How to Start Your Child’s
Autism Support

Every child is unique, so HHF uses personalized treatment to cater the strengths and weaknesses of each individual kid. To achieve this individualized approach, our clinical team’s intake process centers around learning about your child.

Our approach is to value individuals for who they are, which includes the children we treat and their families from first communication.

Benefits of ABA Therapy for Children with Autism

ABA Therapy is evidence-based treatment rooted in decades of history with proven results. ABA has passed treatment evaluations administered by the US Surgeon General and American Psychological Association. Below are some of the benefits of ABA Therapy for your child with autism.

ABA Therapy - improved social skills
Improved social skills

A child learns to effectively interact to enhance their relationship building and create meaningful relationships with family and friends.

ABA Therapy - effective communication
Establishes more effective communication

A primary goal of treatment plans is to teach language utilization in proper scenarios though lesson such as listening and responding to others, identifying objects, making requests, and conversation speech.

ABA Therapy - attention and focus
Demonstrates more attention and focus

A child’s attention is improved by identifying strategies to better command a child’s attention and through positive reinforcement after successful demonstrations of focus.

ABA Therapy - improved learning
Improved learning and performance

This goal is achieved through understanding a child’s strengths and weaknesses to educate children based on their strengths, while also incorporating activities to improve weaknesses.

ABA Therapy - independence
Increased independence

An ABA treatment plan combines communication, learning, and socialization lessons to help children with autism reach their highest potential and advocate for themselves!

Percent of Goals Mastered for Each Skill Set

Evidence-Based Autism Treatment

The clinical staff at HHF has excelled at practicing evidence-based autism treatment, as seen in our skill achievement data.

  • Meaningful change in communication ability, helps children become more engaged, because they can communicate their needs. The ability to interact with others also increases a child’s connection to surrounding environments.

  • When children master skills related to learning readiness, they acquire the foundational and prerequisite skills needed to progress in other skill areas. Examples of learning readiness skills include cooperation, attention to tasks, and joint attention.

ABA Therapy and Positive Reinforcement

Utilizing the latest research and resources, HHF’s clinical team develops effective behavior reduction tools to improve client safety and quality of life. By utilizing rewards-based ABA therapy, children receive positive reinforcement for reducing harmful behaviors, such as self injury or aggression.

Average Reduction in Behavior Frequency
Personal Autism Services HHF

We Make Autism Services Personal

The Helping Hands mission is to ensure every child diagnosed with autism can achieve their greatest potential. We separate ourselves from the competition because we provide faster access to better clinical therapy, using the expertise of our trained clinicians. Below are some additional benefits to autism treatment at HHF:

  • We develop personalized and child-led treatment plans!
  • Our treatment programs include parental involvement and training.
  • The Helping Hands therapist training is 4-times longer than industry standards.
  • We are in network with most major insurance companies.
  • All our therapists are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) or Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs)


Speak with our Intake Department to see if our treatment is a fit for your family.