Helping Hands Family

Have you ever wondered what jobs lead to the most happiness? With everyone looking for something different, this is a subjective question. But, if you’re looking for a career with daily fulfillment and accomplishment , the behavior health field has a compelling argument… But is there data to back this up?

Indeed attempts to logically list the job fields that lead employees to the most happiness every year with the data they accrue from their services. Their 2024 list is based on several criteria such as fair pay, flexibility, and fulfillment. And guess what? In Indeed’s list of the 25 best job fields, behavior health professional landed at number 17!

This listing for the behavior health field should not come as a surprise. While Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) jobs can be demanding, they are also very rewarding. The demand of studying human behavior, often in challenging situations, is followed by a sense of fulfillment and happiness seeing their client’s progress.

At Helping Hands Family (HHF), our behavior health professionals are finding happiness and satisfaction in their roles. Here’s why:

1. Constant Fulfillment

Everyday BCBAs and RBTs positively impact the lives of children with autism! While success in other professions is abstract, HHF behavioral health professionals see their results in both children and their families. Our staff members have seen countless breakthroughs, like a child speaking to their parents for the first time after repeated communication sessions.

2. Building Meaningful Connections

At Helping Hands Family, Registered Behavior Technicians have reoccurring sessions with their clients, some even meeting daily. This allows them to observe daily improvements, celebrating every victory, and witness each milestone accomplishment, big or small. Many healthcare fields only offer brief or transactional interactions, but the HHF clinical staff creates profound connections that truly matter.

3. Continuous Learning and Growth

The behavioral health field is constantly evolving, and at HHF, we love to see our team members grow with it! HHF offers ample opportunities for learning and career development like:

  • RBT Rise Program – This internal HHF career path for RBTs ensures there are opportunities to earn greater responsibility, additional education, and increased compensation.

  • BCBA Fellowship Program – Through comprehensive clinical training and supervision, HHF provides fulltime RBTs with approved BACB course sequences mentorship, coursework, and paid supervision hours.

  • Free CEU Opportunities – Throughout the year, HHF offers CEU courses both virtually and in-person to our BCBA staff, including an annual BCBA conference to ensure educational growth.
4. Team Collaboration and Support

At HHF, our treatment approach relies on collaboration, and our culture emphasizes teamwork! RBTs meet with BCBAs to review client progress, share session data, and strategize updates to treatment plans. Our clinical teams create a supportive and positive environment to combat burnout, unlike some other medical fields.

5. Find Your Purpose

Our senior clinical staff provides guidance and mentorship, especially to new team members. This fosters a culture of self-reflection and growth. By helping children and their families, our clinical team enjoys a greater sense of purpose while making a real difference.

Based on the Helping Hands Family experience, it is not surprising the behavioral health field made Indeed’s Top-25 Job Fields list. The factors mentioned above have a profound impact on employees’ lives and outweigh the challenges BCBAs and RBTs experience. Our team agrees, the sense of purpose experienced daily makes it all worthwhile!