Our compassionate team at Helping Hands Family understands the vital role of parent involvement to the success of each autism treatment plan. By establishing a nurturing learning environment that extends from the clinic to everyday life at home, we can achieve amazing outcomes in behavior therapy!

Parents are role models, teachers, and fundamental support systems that make progress outside of the clinic possible. By including a client’s parents every step of the way, behavior therapy lessons are actively reinforced. 

When proactive parents incorporate behavior therapy essentials at home, this can support: 

  • Reduction of challenging behaviors
  • Improved communication and expression 
  • Independent self-care abilities
  • Enhanced perception of self and others
  • Improved focus and lesson engagement
  • Increased academic and problem-solving skills
  • Heightened self-esteem and mental wellbeing
  • Familiarity with school and social situations

How Parent Training Keeps Families Involved in ABA Therapy

Parent Updates and Education: Our seamless collaboration with parents occurs shortly after calling HHF. Before and during the initial assessment, we teach a child’s parents about our: 

  • ABA therapy model.
  • Gentle approach through using positive reinforcement.
  • Play-based learning and child-led progression.


Parent Collaboration: Our parent training is fine-tuned for each child’s specific environment. By taking the time to learn about the home environment, school considerations, and family dynamics, our clinical team can teach parents strategies to reduce stressors and maximize the success of each personalized lesson. 

Autism Treatment Observation: We invite our parents and caregivers to observe and/or participate in our autism therapy in Lehigh Valley, PA or any of our clinics for hands-on learning. Our ABA therapists will show you exactly how and why we reinforce certain behaviors and how to incorporate child-led strategies. 

Transparent Training 

We want you to ask questions, take notes, and let us know how it is going! We ask that our parents, caregivers, and teachers share progress outside of the clinic. When everyone is on the same page, adaptations and adjustments to your child’s plan are easy.

We openly discuss goals achieved, areas in need of improvement, and other relevant milestones during our comprehensive progress updates. A behavior plan is strengthened through sharing and collaborating, because ABA therapy strategies occur both inside and outside the clinic.

Helping Hands Family Promotes Learning for a Lifetime

We’re dedicated to the children and families we support. With open lines of communication, education, and collaboration, we work together to create better outcomes for children with autism. Interested in learning more about our approach to ABA therapy? Wherever you are in your search for qualified ABA therapy in Lancaster, PA, or the surrounding areas, contact our team to learn more about how we can support you and your child.