ABA Therapy Program vs. Traditional Preschool

If you are trying to decide between traditional school and ABA therapy we can help you understand the similarities and differences. No choice is a bad choice, but one option may better fit your child’s needs! If choosing an ABA approach, remember, it can be a steppingstone prior to your child starting traditional school.  REQUEST […]

How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Autism Therapy Session

Autism therapy in West Chester, PA

  Getting started with ABA therapy? At Helping Hands Family, we take the guesswork out of every detail with helpful resources and organized support. With our accessible ABA therapy team, our clients have access to a variety of convenient clinics and in-home services. On our website, you’ll find a wealth of relevant resources that will […]

Understanding the Certification Process of an RBT

Understanding the Certification Process of an RBT

Among the most impactful positions in the world of ABA therapy, it’s safe to say that Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) are essential to successfully applied behavior therapy! If you have a passion for uplifting others and enjoy learning about behavior, a career as an RBT may be the perfect fit for you!  Since RBTs provide […]

Preparing For The Holidays

Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays can be both a magical and stressful time. Along with the regular holiday stress that accompanies decorating, shopping, and cooking, families that have a child with autism may encounter additional challenges. Some challenges that may affect a child with ASD are sensory issues, disruptions of routine, and traveling to less familiar locations. The […]

How to Prepare for Running Your First ABA Therapy Session as an RBT

As a new behavior technician, planning for your first therapy session can be both thrilling and terrifying! Your first session is a big step in the right direction; the first of many life-changing steps on the road to helping children and their families achieve meaningful success in behavior and function! So, as a new Registered […]

Not All Diagnosis Are the Same: Understanding the Autism Spectrum

Since autism spectrum diagnoses can involve a mixture of social, behavioral, and developmental differences, it’s understandable if you still have questions after receiving an ASD diagnosis for your child! Even with a well-defined diagnosis, no child with autism fits into a neat little box. Each child has unique characteristics that are exclusive to them, and […]

3 ABA Strategies That Help with Language Development

3 ABA Strategies That Help with Language Development

Written by Olivia Liam for Helping Hands Family Today, there is a growing number of diagnosed autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cases. The CDC reports that ASD is diagnosed in about 1 out of 44 children in the United States. Although ascertaining ASD in children is based on a set of metrics, how each child experiences autism is different. Language […]

Steps to Navigating the Insurance Coverage Process of Your Child with Autism

Fortunately, coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder is mandatory in most insurance plans across all 50 states. Most plans purchased on and off the Health Insurance Marketplace or employer-provided group plans include autism benefits. Since each state has varying regulations regarding autism coverage, it’s important to research the rules for your […]

Understanding How Behavior Plans Are Written By Your BCBA

Understanding How Behavior Plans Are Written By Your BCBA

As the blueprint for effective ABA therapy, developing a concise and relevant behavior plan is crucial for the success of your child. Since behavior plans directly influence the quality of care, we want to help you understand what motivates your child’s learning, and what that means for their behavior planning. To prepare for behavior planning success, […]

ABA Sessions: What to Expect At-Home and In-Clinic Sessions

ABA Sessions - What to Expect At-Home and In-Clinic Sessions

A supportive framework of learning powered by fun, individualized lesson planning, and one-on-one care defines our balanced approach at Helping Hands Family! Our goal is to improve the quality of life for you and your family. We work hard to make it happen with ABA therapy that is easily accessible, compassionate, and genuinely supportive. What […]