Why RBT Jobs Are Growing In Popularity and Changing Lives

The future is looking bright for Registered Behavior Technicians! Becoming an RBT is a popular career due to the following factors. 

    • An increasing behavior therapy demand
    • Overall job satisfaction
    • Career accessibility

    Pursuing a career as an RBT is well worth the effort.

    Registered Behavior Technicians Play a Vital Role in ABA Therapy

    The rising popularity of RBT jobs is closely linked to the rising demand for qualified and experienced autism professionals. According to the CDC’s autism prevalence statistics, the percentage of children diagnosed with ASD has increased each year. Regardless of the cause of this increase, this upward trend indicates that demand for qualified RBTs will continue to rise in unison. 

    In other words, any individual pursuing an RBT career can anticipate:

      • Competitive wages
      • A variety of job options
      • Overall career stability

      RBT Careers Are Highly Accessible 

      Becoming an RBT can be completed without extensive or expensive training. In fact, many of the best RBT jobs in MD, NJ, CT, NY, and PA come with paid training that can be completed in about a month. The minimum requirements to become an RBT are a high school diploma and a clean background history, making these lucrative entry-level positions accessible! RBT roles can pave the way to a successful and rewarding career of helping others.

      Benefits of RBT Roles Outweigh Other Entry Level Jobs

      Along with the rising demand and expanding job accessibility, new RBTs can also look forward to above average pay rates for entry level positions. Many quality ABA companies also offer competitive benefits packages, such as health insurance, 401k, and paid vacation. Additionally, the pride in watching your client learn new skills and grow cannot be competed with.

      RBTs Enjoy a Range of Career Growth Opportunities

      Many individuals who have their sights set on future career advancement begin their journeys as RBTs. Registered Behavior Technician experience is a perfect stepping stone for related career options like becoming a behavior analyst, childhood education, and many other healthcare fields. In working side-by-side with a variety of clinical staff, RBTs may gain valuable insights into a variety of related careers. 

        • Board-certified clinicians
        • Private caregivers
        • Speech therapists
        • Occupational therapists

        Regardless of future career aspirations, our fulfilling jobs working with kids in Bensalem, PA and throughout the northeast are a great way to:

          • Gain experience in the behavior therapy field before committing to costly or lengthy programs.  
          • Make a great living while positively impacting the lives of others every day.
          • Build a strong behavior therapy foundation with a passionate network of ABA professionals.
          • Find flexibility to work anywhere you’d like! 

          Helping Hands Family is hiring RBTs in numerous locations across our expanding network of ABA clinics.

          RBTs Contribute to ABA Success in Many Ways

          All of these career benefits go hand-in-hand with the day-to-day benefits of being an RBT. If you enjoy working with children, learning about behavior therapy, and appreciate an adaptive work routine, you’ll love the lifestyle our RBTs enjoy! 

          Our RBTs assist with every step of the behavior therapy plan. During a typical day in the clinic, our ABA therapy jobs in New Jersey, CT, MD, and PA often entail:

            • Play-based activities to nurture cognitive and functional skill development 
            • Immersive group activities to promote meaningful social growth
            • One-on-one guidance to help each child achieve their target milestones
            • Collaborative BCBA and RBT teamwork to make the most of each behavior plan
            • Family guidance by communicating relevant information to family members about their child’s ABA progress 

            This is only a sample of the impactful ways our RBTs make a huge difference in the lives of every child and family we support! Do you consider yourself patient and compassionate? Do you enjoy helping others? We would love to teach you more about the rewarding RBT opportunities available at Helping Hands Family!