RBT Jobs in New Jersey

Are you an aspiring or experienced professional hoping to land a rewarding job with kids? Our ABA therapy jobs open the doors to a lifetime of possibilities while helping children with autism achieve great things in life! RBT jobs are the perfect fit for passionate individuals who like to learn about behavior, have a knack for helping others, and enjoy building meaningful bonds with children, families, and fellow therapists.

In the search for fulfilling jobs with kids, ABA therapy opportunities may be the prospect you have not considered. Since ABA jobs entail helping children with autism master communication skills, motor function, appropriate behaviors, and so much more, each day brings new adventures and opportunities to help others. Forget a typical day in the classroom; our ABA jobs in New Jersey involve play-based excitement, an upbeat atmosphere, and a supportive team that’s here to encourage your professional development from day one.

Benefits of joining the Helping Hands Family

Benefits of Becoming an RBT

After undergoing our paid 4-week RBT training in New Jersey, the benefits of our RBTs include:

  • The ability to make a difference
    Employment in an industry with high demand
  • Flexibility to work in different locations
  • A career that has unlimited growth potential
  • & More ABA job benefits

We Offer Paid RBT Training in Our NJ Locations Including Chatham & Edison, NJ

During our industry-leading RBT training in NJ, you’ll find that we go above and beyond to establish leaders in the ABA therapy field. More than helping you prepare for an RBT certification in NJ, our experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and RBTs openly share their valuable insights throughout the training and shadowing processes.

We also connect our RBT trainees with essential online learning tools and relevant resources to establish a solid foundation of behavioral science knowledge. With the perfect balance of hands-on RBT training, interactive ABA therapy insight, and our limitless support by your side, all you need to bring is dedication and a desire to help others achieve meaningful communication and behavior skills!

RBT Jobs in New Jersey

What Are the Responsibilities of an RBT?

ABA strategies like positive reinforcement and play-based goal progression guide the daily duties of our RBTs in Mount Laurel, NJ. Under the direct supervision of BCBAs, our RBTs are responsible for implementing behavior plans, assisting with goal progression, and documenting each child’s progress. Since RBTs manage the majority of direct client interactions, being able to accurately record and share relevant observations and progression with fellow providers and family members is vital to the success of each behavior plan.

Depending on the needs of your clients, a typical day may involve collaborative group learning, individual private sessions, and a mixture of many various learning strategies. For instance, you may be responsible for a child who is learning new words or sounds; where the lessons may require quiet practice sessions in a separate therapy room to break down complex sentences or sounds. Afterward, you may move to the clinic’s common area to promote improved socialization by joining in fun group activities. As diverse as the variable needs of each child with autism, it’s hard to classify the exact daily routines of autism jobs because ABA therapy helps children in so many different ways!

Become an ABA Therapist Today!

Regardless of the lessons being learned, our autism jobs with kids revolve around evidence-based ABA growth. We’re constantly searching for motivated individuals, even outside of the New Jersey area. If an RBT jobs in Connecticut is closer to you reach out to our recruitment team today!

Additionally, our expanding therapy locations need experienced candidates for BCBA jobs in NJ, Mount Laurel, NJ, Chatham, NJ, and many other accessible locations. We offer incredible benefits, and limitless growth opportunities, and would love to help if you have any questions or need advice.