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RBT Jobs in Connecticut

Searching for a rewarding job with kids in Connecticut? Well, consider becoming a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and begin making a lasting difference in the lives of children with autism! Working side-by-side with our supervising Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), RBTs provide direct support to children as they progress through their individualized behavior plans. Our RBTs assist with ABA interventions like play-based learning, positive reinforcement, goal progression, and other constructive ABA strategies to promote beneficial outcomes in function, behavior, and communication.

RBT jobs are highly interactive, so essential criteria like patience, outside-the-box thinking, and a passion for child development are must-haves! Other relevant attributes that we look for in our RBT job candidates include:

  • Attentive listening skills
  • Pleasant & helpful attitudes
  • Organized & detail-oriented
  • Clear communication skills
  • Willingness to learn & improve

The children of our clinics often Since RBT jobs are highly interactive and the children often look to their therapists as role models.

Benefits of joining the Helping Hands Family

No Prior ABA Experience is Needed; We Pay for RBT Training

Fortunately, RBT jobs do not have an insurmountable barrier to entry. The pillars to enter this rewarding career are a high-school degree and the desire to help others improve! Our all-inclusive RBT training in Trumbull, CT is the perfect launchpad into the world of behavioral science and autism therapy. With a robust 4-week training period, our RBT training connects you with more hands-on experience, transparent ABA therapy insight, and an endless variety of educational resources to grow within the ABA field. After completing our immersive training and passing the RBT certification exam, you will be 100% qualified to begin your career as a caring RBT at any of our clinics in CT!

Since ABA therapy addresses a spectrum of ASD-related needs, we think it’s important to prepare our RBT students for success from the start! More than preparing you for one of our autism jobs in Trumbull, CT, we hope to construct a solid foundation that leads to future career possibilities and the ability to serve children with autism more productively. With added perks like paid training, state-of-the-art ABA clinics, and the most friendly team in Connecticut, you’ll be glad you started your career with Helping Hands Family!

RBT jobs in Connecticut

Do You Enjoy Working With Kids?

From the beginning, ABA therapy jobs at Helping Hands Family stem from a joyful work-life balance! We also offer convenient clinic locations or in-home opportunities, a variety of resources to support your career growth, and an amazing diversity of clients to help. Alongside these attractive perks, you will experience meaningful connections you’ll make with your clients, their families, and your clinical team!

Other great reasons to consider a fulfilling job with kids at Helping Hands Family include:

  • Dynamic and fun work environment
  • Opportunities for education growth and career advancement
  • The fulfillment of helping children and families daily
  • A positive work environment is driven by positive communication and constant support
  • & More

After completing our all-inclusive training program and passing the standard RBT exam, your certification is applicable for RBT positions in any of the states we operate. We currently have rewarding RBT jobs in Mount Laurel, NJ, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and even New York.

As an RBT with HHF, you are in a career with growth potential and an environment offering step-by-step guidance from our ABA professionals. We’ll gladly teach you more about our various ABA job benefits and free learning tools. Through our website, you can access an array of useful resources too! If you would like to apply as an RBT or pursue another career opportunity like our BCBA jobs in Connecticut.