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Start Your RBT Career Right

Starting a career as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) may sound intimidating, but Helping Hands Family offers the necessary support to jump-start your new venture!

  • Intensive Training Program -- After applying as an RBT, HHF provides a 4+ week training program prepping you for both the job and exam.
  • Get Paid to Learn -- While training at HHF, you'll be paid for your time spent on RBT training!
  • Clinical Observation Opportunity -- You'll shadow an accomplished RBT to experience a day on the job.
  • RBT Exam Cost Reimbursement -- After you pass your RBT exam, the exam cost will be paid for by HHF!
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More About the Helping Hands Family Support

Becoming a Registered Behavior Technician is a great entry point for someone pursuing a career in either applied behavior analysis or early childhood education. While there are basic requirements for becoming an RBT, the experience needed to start is limited. Training, observation, and the completion of the RBT exam are required for certification, but you do not have to start this journey alone, HHF offers both training and support systems for your new RBT career!

HHF’s support starts with our 4-week training program that includes ample support and resources to ensure a smooth and worthwhile educational experience! Our program is a paid training program, so you are compensated for the time spent on your RBT training.  There is also opportunity for clinical observation during the RBT training period. This includes shadowing experienced RBTs and receiving mentorship from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), who are the direct supervisors of RBTs.

How Do You Become an RBT?

To become a Registered Behavior Technician, you must meet some basic requirements prior to applying, which are:
  • You must be over 18.
  • You must have graduated with a high school diploma.
  • You must pass both a background check and an abuse registry check.

Step 1

Apply on Our Website

Helping Hands Family has available RBT positions in PA, NJ, NY, MD, and CT. Our HHF website makes it easy to apply for an RBT position. The application on our website only takes a few minutes to complete and provides an easy uploading tool for a resume. After clicking the submit button, your information and resume is sent directly to our Recruitment Team for evaluation.

Step 2

Complete the Paid 4-Week Training Program

Generally, all RBTs must complete at least 40-hours of training. There are several options for completing this training. Many companies hiring RBTs, including Helping Hands Family, offer an in-house training to new hires. Another option for completing RBT training is through university coursework or private training companies. The 40-hour RBT Certification Training cannot take longer than 90 days to finish.

At HHF, our training surpasses the required 40-hours with our paid 4-week training program. This paid training program ensures you are prepared for both the RBT Exam and the job itself! The HHF program is a thorough combination of live and online trainings. Through this structured training sequence, an RBT learns about their role, a variety of clinical tasks, and the Helping Hands Family culture. The 4-week program also includes multiple shadowing days with veteran HHF team members to see the RBT role come to life!  

Step 3

RBT Competency Assessment

Once the training is complete, your next step is to complete an RBT Competency Assessment, which is the first step towards your RBT Certification. This assessment includes 20 items and must be evaluated by a BCBA. It requires you to demonstrate competency in each area listed on the RBT Task List through interviewing or role-playing.

Step 4

RBT Exam

The RBT Exam is the final step in reaching your RBT Certification! It includes 75 multiple-choice questions. The exam evaluates your knowledge of ABA terminology and theory, which are the topics your 4-week training program focused on. At Helping Hands Family, we support our new RBT hires by reimbursing them for the cost of the RBT Exam! This test is the final step in earning your qualification to practice as an ABA technician!

Our RBT Training Will Cover Everything You Need To Know for the RBT Exam

From step one until the successful completion of your RBT certification, you benefit from our network of RBT training support! Our team-based environment seamlessly unites hands-on RBT training with experienced ABA insight, fostering a well-rounded RBT foundation that will prime your career for success.

To get started, check out our simple RBT training and RBT certification process below. After acquiring your certification in Maryland, PA, NY, CT, or NJ, you will be fully qualified for a rewarding career at any of our clinics! 

If you are interested in exploring other enriching RBT job perks or have questions about the training process, please visit our RBT Benefits page. Our helpful recruiting team will gladly walk you through the entire process. 

Already have your RBT certification? Browse our regularly-updated job opportunities in Mount Laurel, NJ, Maryland, and the surrounding areas if you would like to become a part of our caring team today! 

Why Do RBT Training at HHF?

When you join Helping Hands Family,  we offer:

  • Industry-leading RBT training to help you complete your RBT certification! 
  • An onsite observation period, to see an RBT’s daily schedule firsthand. 
  • Clinical mentorship to provide guidance and support for future behavior therapists. 

After completing our RBT training and earning your RBT certification in Maryland, PA, CT, NJ, or NY, you will be fully qualified for a rewarding career at any of our clinics! 

Helping Hands Family continues to grow with autism clinics in Philadelphia PA,  and Doylestown, PA, to Shelton CT, and Chatham, NJ. With numerous accessible clinics and a quality RBT training program, HHF can start your RBT career off right!

Want to learn more?

  • Interested in exploring other enriching RBT job perks, visit our RBT Benefits page. 
  • To learn more about how to start your RBT career, visit our Becoming an RBT page.

Already have your RBT certification? Browse our regularly updated career opportunities page to explore job openings in Mount Laurel, NJ,  Paoli, PA,  Maryland, and the rest of our surrounding clinics!


HHF offers paid training and support throughout the educational process!