The Benefits of Being an RBT

Life as an RBT

Being a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) offers a desirable balance between fulfillment, opportunity, and flexibility! The primary responsibility of an RBT is to help children with autism through play-based therapy, which is a rewarding profession. Since the rate of autism diagnosis is one in forty-four children, the demand for RBTs is high, providing both job security and countless opportunities. While colligate schooling and experience in the education field are helpful, the minimum education needed to become an RBT is a high-school diploma, which makes this an accessible career path.

The benefits of starting a career as an RBT range from job fulfillment to financial compensation. These benefits ensure a stable career with exciting growth potential! In addition, there are benefits provided to RBTs that work at Helping Hands Family. Our company is Great Place to Work Certified™, meaning we offer a market-leading workplace culture, employee experience, and training! This certification is earned through our strong culture that focuses on compassion, achievement, and inclusion.

The Benefits of Being an RBT

Why Should I Become an RBT

You have a real opportunity to make a difference!

Everyday RBTs work directly with children and make a difference in a child and their family’s lives. In daily sessions, RBTs help children with autism learn to communicate, make friends, express their needs, and develop effective learning techniques using ABA Therapy. Each day will offer little victories that contribute to a real impact.  According to the National Library of Medicine, ABA therapy is viewed as one of the most effective treatments, which helps children with autism reach their highest potential.

The demand for RBTs is high
The demand for RBTs is high.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the autism diagnosis rate in the United States is 1 in 36 children. In 2020, there were over 75,000,000 people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) worldwide. Also, many RBTs help children in intensive programs, which last several hours each day. Because of the above factors, it is easy to see why there is a high demand for RBTs. For better and for worse, job security in the behavior health field is at an all-time high.

RBTs have great job progression and income
RBTs have real job progression and income!

The salary for a new Registered Behavior Technician starts above the average entry level salary of $30,000 annually. According to, the average RBT salary is close to $44,000 per year. With the high demand, the RBT salary is increasing up to 10% annually. If you chose to continue your education in this field, you can advance from an RBT into a BCBA. This advancement offers an opportunity for your average salary to grow substantially! HHF serves many states in the northeast US, which offer the highest salaries for RBTs, such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Being an RBT offers you the flexibility to work in any of our clinics (and bigger picture anywhere in the country).

With clinics in PA, NJ, NY, and CT, Helping Hands Family has the flexibility to help RBTs move around if they wish to switch locations within our geography. Once you have a Registered Behavior Technician credential, it is valid in all 50 states. With the demand for RBTs being high throughout the United States, choosing this career will not limit your options for residency.  

RBT Benefits Provided by Helping Hands Family

While there are many general advantages associated with becoming an RBT, we also offer several company specific benefits. These benefits are unique to working at HHF, because we understand the importance of Registered Behavior Technicians in our company and the behavioral health industry! These benefits support our RBTs throughout their professional journey, starting with preparing for the RBT Exam and continuing by providing educational opportunities for becoming a BCBA. HHF reimburses our employees for the cost of the RBT Exam after they pass. There are also opportunities to use dedicated work hours to provide our employees additional time to prepare for the exam.

We prepare you for the RBT Exam.

HHF reimburses our employees for the cost of the RBT Exam after they pass. There are also opportunities to use dedicated work hours to provide our employees additional time to prepare for the exam.

We offer tools and support throughout your career.

Rather than having to purchase your own equipment, we provide every RBT their own tablet for work. Ongoing, structured mentorship programs are built in for our RBTs to ensure they’re supported throughout their career. 

We ensure RBTs are set up for success.

We schedule our RBTs with clients that are the best fit for their skill set. Also, our clinics are led by a team of practicing BCBAs, who offer additional support to our employees, due to shared experiences in the same career.

We offer advancement to our RBTs both educationally and professionally.

HHF has several college partnerships and fellowship opportunities for continuing education to become a BCBA. At Helping Hands Family, 30% of our Registered Behavior Technicians are studying to become BCBAs.


RBTs receive paid training and support throughout their career!