BCBA Jobs in New Jersey

Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) jobs at Helping Hands Family in NJ require a candidate that is knowledgeable, compassionate, and a natural-born leader. Our mission is to help children with autism and their families achieve an improved quality of life through personalized and collaborative ABA therapy.

Since BCBA jobs require organization and mastery of evidence-based behavior therapy, we hold our BCBAs in New Jersey to a high standard of professionalism and excellence. We offer unparalleled support, guidance, and staff benefits that pair well with the competitive salaries and perks we provide!

Benefits of BCBA Jobs at Helping Hands Family:

  • Fulfillment of helping children
  • Ability to see successful results
  • Job security
  • Opportunity for career growth
  • Work with highly trained RBTs

With clinics across New Jersey, we are always looking for passionate BCBAs to grow in our company. We take a special interest in the well-being of our staff members and know that you’ll experience the difference the moment you get in touch with our responsive and helpful team.

If you are just beginning your BCBA certification journey, our supportive team will gladly help you navigate the various requirements! On our user-friendly website, we offer a wealth of free resources about the RBT and BCBA certification processes. After joining HHF, you will receive ample support to excel in a rewarding ABA career that aligns with your goals!

Benefits of joining the Helping Hands Family

BCBAs Are Responsible for Developing Behavior Plans & Supervising Therapy Sessions

As the pillars of exceptional behavioral therapy, our BCBAs are responsible for consistent client care, supervising Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), and actively improving upon each behavior plan. The goal is to provide well-rounded ABA therapy for clients through ongoing assessments, goal progression, and teamwork.

Since BCBA jobs entail several leadership responsibilities, we strive to connect with candidates who demonstrate clear communication skills, a vast knowledge base, and relevant experience in the field of behavior and communication research.

Other BCBA job responsibilities in Mount Laurel, Chatham, and Edison,NJ include:

  • Providing informative initial assessments
  • Organizing behavior plan development
  • Coordinating caregiver & family training
  • Supervising multiple RBTs
  • Following and adapting each child’s care plan progression
  • Providing ABA therapy interventions as needed

We Offer Competitive Pay & Vacation Time

Our BCBA jobs in Chatham, Mount Laurel, and Edison, NJ lead to fulfillment and career stability on multiple fronts. Our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst jobs rank among the most satisfying careers in New Jersey, providing a gratifying work-life balance and ample potential for growth within the field.

With that greater passion at Helping Hands Family, we provide a platform that nurtures our team members from the ground up. We’ve found that the positive outcomes for our clients and their families increase by providing our BCBAs with a healthier work environment, an adequate salary, and excellent benefits.

If this supportive career foundation sounds like the perfect fit for you, we will gladly teach you more about the BCBA certification process. If you are already licensed, we would love to connect with you and discuss available clinical opportunities in New Jersey! 

Contact Us Today To Apply!

Thanks to our expanding network of clinics across New Jersey and beyond, joining forces with our caring team at Helping Hands Family primes your career for future mobility. Perhaps you want to start with an RBT job in Mount Laurel, NJ while progressing through your graduate training. After coursework completion, future BCBA jobs in Connecticut, PA, NJ, or NY may be waiting for you!

For more information about our rewarding opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed insight. Already have your credentials and want to begin improving the lives of others? We encourage all interested individuals to apply, regardless of experience level.