HHF College & University Partnerships

College Partnerships to Support Your Educational Growth

Helping Hands Family constantly strives for our staff’s continued growth and development. We have partnered with several colleges and universities that are offering various benefits and discounts to our employees who are looking to advance in the clinical field by becoming a BCBA! Some of these offerings include:

  • Tuition Discounts
  • Scholarships
  • Waived Application Fees
  • Free Textbooks

Below are the colleges and universities we are partnered with, who offer accredited programs for continued education!

Programs Included In Partnership: All programs qualify for
partner benefits

  • 10% tuition discount on eligible Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs
  • $5k-$20k scholarships on GuidedPath Programs
  • 50% off FlexPath 1st session tuition
  • Free professional development opportunities and continuing education credits
  • Immediate family eligible for benefits

Programs Included In Partnership: All programs qualify for
partner benefits

  • 30% tuition discount on graduate programs
  • $1K Scholarship for undergrad programs
  • A $495/credit rate for adult undergraduate programs
  • A $750/course rate for certificate programs

Programs Included in Partnership: M.Ed. – Applied Behavior Analysis and the Post-Masters Certificate – Applied Behavior Analysis programs

  • 15% tuition discount

Programs Included in Partnership: Most programs qualify for partner benefits (Exclusions apply)

  • 15% Tuition Reduction Scholarship per academic year

Programs Included in Partnership: All programs qualify for partner benefits

  • 14% tuition reduction for any of the graduate programs
  • 20% tuition reduction for any undergraduate program
  • Textbooks included for undergraduate programs
  • Immediate family also eligible for above benefits

Programs Included in Partnership: ABA Graduation Certificate, Master of Arts in Behavior, and Edition Transition – ABA 5th Edition

  • 10% Tuition Discount for online ABA courses
  • Online program available

For questions, contact Carissa, the HHF University Liaison at carissa@hhfamily.com.