Graduate Degrees & Certifications -- ABA Specific

ABA Specific Graduate Degree and Certification Partnerships

Below are the colleges and universities we have partnered with to support our team’s advancement in the clinical field by becoming a BCBA. The benefits from these partnerships are: 

  • Tuition Discounts
  • Scholarships
  • Waived Application Fees
  • Free Textbooks

Programs Included in Partnership: Master of Arts in ABA and ABA Certificate

Pass Rates

  • Master of Arts in ABA BCBA Exam Pass Rate – 84.86%
  • ABA Certificate BCBA Exam Pass Rate – 74.06%


  • Only program we partner with that is ABAI Accredited
  • 10% Tuition Discount for online ABA courses
  • Online program available (both asynchronous and synchronous)

For questions, contact Carissa, the HHF University Liaison at