As a New BCBA, Which Questions Should I Ask During My Job Search?

As a new BCBA, finding a fulfilling job that aligns with your passions, skills, and goals can be a job in-and-of itself! It is critical to identify your needs and goals that you want from a job at the beginning of the application process. Your first position as a BCBA establishes the foundation for your career, so it goes without saying that careful research and consideration should guide your BCBA job search. It is important to assess how a company will support your growth and financial wellbeing, while also determining how your personality, experiences, and values fit within a company. 

By asking the right questions during interviews with a company, you increase your odds of connecting with a better career fit from the start. While only you can decide which company attributes are important, here are some helpful questions to ask when determining which BCBA jobs in NJ, PA, CT, or MD  may be the best fit for you. 

1. Can you provide insights into your company’s culture and staff communication?

Ask your prospective employer about employee morale, job satisfaction, and how the team collaborates to reveal pertinent details about the company’s underlying values. When an organization’s employees are satisfied, communicate well, and nurture each other’s growth, that is indicative of a supportive company that knows how to facilitate symbiotic teamwork.  

2. Does your company promote ongoing education and other research-driven growth opportunities? 

The best autism services in Pennsylvania and throughout the northeast are powered by up-to-date behavior analysis and staff members who have access to ongoing growth opportunities. Ask about their learning opportunities, how staff members share important information, and identify how they train/support new BCBAs. When a company is dedicated to ongoing staff improvement and education, that company is more likely to provide exceptional care for their clients. 

3. What is the average caseload and staff-to-client ratio in your clinics? 

Finding a well-staffed ABA company that is able to provide their clients with attentive staff:client ratios can dramatically improve the workplace experience for everyone involved! A manageable caseload ensures that you are able to provide exceptional care, while simultaneously reducing the potential for burnout and other issues that can arise with increasing day-to-day demands. While evaluating caseload, don’t forget to ask about the support staff members you will be working with. If you have a supportive Clinical Director, BCBAs, and RBTs by your side, managing a larger client caseload may not be an issue.

4. What is included in your compensation package?

As important as company culture and appropriate staff and client ratios, finding a company that offers adequate compensation and benefits is a key consideration. Determine if the BCBA job will meet your current needs, support your future plans, and empower you with the financial stability you need to continue providing quality ABA therapy. 

5. Can you outline career advancement opportunities?

Discussing opportunities for career advancement is a crucial consideration. Will the company reward you for your hard work, dedication, and positive attitude? Alongside the potential for salary increases, will the company be able to accommodate other plans such as advancement opportunities or future relocation if necessary? 

6. What does an average day in the clinic look like? 

While learning about the typical day-to-day experience for BCBAs at their organization, be sure to evaluate relevant details like how assessments are performed, how client progress is monitored, and what responsibilities are expected of their BCBAs. Dive deep into this topic, because gaining a clear overview of the average work day will prepare you to make a confident career decision. 

Start Your Search for a Rewarding BCBA Job

After organizing a list of questions that align with your values and goals, it’s time to take the first step! To learn more about our BCBA jobs in Shelton, CT, and our many other clinics, contact our team at Helping Hands Family for insightful tips today!