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Even the best treatment plans and supportive guidance will only get you so far without the right tools for the day’s lesson! Keeping learners engaged and motivated is a full-time job that’s become even more challenging in our modern world of distractions. By incorporating fun and engaging toys into a well-structured behavioral plan, a monotonous lesson time turns into noticeable growth that every child will enjoy! So, what are some inspiring and exciting toys that you can work into your lesson plans? Even with the diverse and ever-changing interests your child with autism demonstrates, here’s a thoughtful variety of captivating toys you can try to kickstart your play-based learning success!

5 Toys to Use During Your ABA Therapy Session

1. Mr. Potato Head Belongs in Every Toy Box

Brighten any child’s day with the many functional benefits offered by Mr. Potato Head! This powerful learning tool is a great complement to ABA processes like discrete trial training and motor skill development. This unique toy can even be used for social cue training with the many expressive pieces included!

2. Fidget Toys Are Great for Active Minds

Sensory toys like Infiniti cubes and fidget spinners can be a wonderful option to pair with constructive autism therapy in Toms River, NJ, and our various other service locations. Especially beneficial for maintaining a sense of calm and focus, these toys are the perfect option to incorporate into break time or for sharing with your learner as a reward for completing a challenging lesson or task.

3. Puzzle & Pattern Toys Promote Real-Life Problem-Solving Skills

The sense of accomplishment delivered by completing a colorful pattern or fitting the correct objects into a cube adds lasting value to every development plan. As learners progress with their new favorite toy, benefits like improved tactile awareness and pattern recognition skills directly relate to other functional life skills. Additionally, completing a puzzle toy gives kids a sense of pride and accomplishment that can positively influence other areas of learning and social confidence, and enhance their attention span.

4. A Toy Microphone Benefits Listening & Hearing Skills

Heightening speech and listening skills are easily accomplished with a fun toy microphone! Practicing those tough words becomes an enjoyable experience when they get to hear themselves through the speaker, while simultaneously encouraging children with autism to become more confident in expressing their needs. Some toy microphones even have creative button options that make fun sounds, making this toy the perfect option to pair with sound recognition or cue-and-response lesson plans.

5. Stacking Cups Teach Counting, Organization, & Turn-Taking Awareness

There are many ways you can teach sharing, spatial awareness, and functional counting with a set of inexpensive and effectively colored cups! For example, you can ask your student, “How many cups did we stack”, or “After you stack two cups, who should stack the next two cups?”. Searching for other great educational ideas to empower your learners and optimize your lesson plans? Get in touch with our compassionate team at HHF for RBT training in Wyomissing, PA, and throughout Pennsylvania to access a wealth of free ABA resources!