What Does Life as a BCBA Look Like?


As the heart-beat of your child’s ABA therapy care team, Certified Behavior Analysts are responsible for developing behavior plans, guiding RBTs, and supporting clients and families every step of the way. Among the most rewarding careers in ABA therapy, BCBA jobs in Pennsylvania and throughout the northeast involve a fulfilling mix of responsibilities ranging from hands-on client care to collaborative staff supervision. Below is a glimpse into the daily life of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst!

Running Assessments

BCBAs Ensure ABA Success With Personalized Autism Assessments

The best ABA outcomes stem from constructive behavior plans that accurately address their client’s needs and goals. Starting with a comprehensive autism assessment, a BCBA will observe and interact with their clients, interview families and caregivers, and conduct standardized assessments to gain a clear client perspective. After learning more about their client and evaluating the data, a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses relevant behavior, communication, and social needs is developed.

RBT Supervision

BCBAs Work With A Care Team

Once a detailed treatment plan has been established, the fun and exciting ABA therapy sessions can begin! BCBAs are directly responsible for overseeing behavior plan implementation and providing active guidance to all Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) on their team. Alongside mentoring, supervising, and receiving feedback from RBTs, BCBAs actively collaborate with parents and other caregivers involved with the plan to promote a gap-free continuity of care. 

Parent Training

BCBAs Include Family Members in All Steps of ABA Progression

As crucial as staff collaboration, BCBAs improve client outcomes by educating and involving family members in every step of the process. Often, BCBA jobs in Maryland and throughout the northeast involve equal parts client and family support! Teaching family members and caregivers how to integrate treatment plan lessons into daily life can dramatically improve ABA progress.

Modify Treatment Plans

BCBAs Routinely Fine-Tune Treatment Plans

As clients reach developmental milestones, adapting the treatment plan is vital to continued progression. Throughout ABA therapy, routine treatment plan modifications ensure that clients benefit from up-to-date lessons that maximize engagement and build upon past successes. 

Routine plan adaptations are a crucial part of BCBA jobs in NJ and the rest of our Helping Hands Family clinics.

Impact Lives in The Community

BCBAs Build Lasting Relationships in the Community

By bettering the lives of clients, team members, and families alike, it’s safe to say that BCBAs improve the clinical world on a day-to-day basis. If you have a passion for behavior science, enjoy working with a passionate team, and are driven by compassion, our fellowship program can help you explore the possibilities of our BCBA jobs in CT, PA, NJ, NY, and MD. Our clinical team is unlike any other ABA team, and if you are looking for an exciting career where you have endless opportunities to grow, get in touch with our team and discover an exciting career path at HHF!