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BCBA Jobs in Pennsylvania

Work at a top-rated ABA provider managed by a clinical leadership team of BCBAs! Helping Hands Family (HHF) provides ABA services in our clinics, in family homes, and in the community. Our mission is to provide personalized autism services to each and every patient. 

At the core of our ABA care team is our talented and passionate Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). They lay the foundation of our experienced ABA therapy care team and have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of the children and families we serve! If you have been searching for a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst job that aligns with your want to grow in leadership abilities, need for a flexible schedule, and passion for a strong culture, you’ll find that HHF’s BCBA jobs in Pennsylvania open the doors to career growth!

As we continue to expand our ABA practices across Pennsylvania and other states, our need for genuinely compassionate and experienced BCBA professionals continues to grow! We make being a BCBA job candidate as easy as possible, if you are looking for a BCBA role in Philadelphia, PA or other locations you will go through the simple application process below:

  • Online Application Form
  • Virtual Screening with Talent Specialist
  • In-person Interview with Clinical Director with Clinic Visit
  • Final virtual interview with Regional Director of Operations

Our BCBAs directly contribute to our mission by overseeing the quality and implementation of clinical programming to their patients. HHF provides a network of support through on-site BCBA clinical directors, CEU trainings, internal conferences, and opportunities to contribute to research in the ABA field.

At Helping Hands Family, our collaborative and play-based approach to ABA therapy reduces the tension of beginning a new career with us! With access to a network of other supportive BCBAs, experienced RBTs assisting with the plans, and state-of-the-art ABA clinics across Pennsylvania, our well-designed model prepares our clinicians for success from day one. Armed with the tools for success and team-based support you’ll need to excel, BCBA jobs at Helping Hands Family are unlike any other opportunities in the world of ABA therapy!

Benefits of joining the Helping Hands Family

We Have ABA Clinics Located Throughout PA, Including in West Chester & Doylestown

With our expansive network of clinical opportunities, BCBA jobs at Helping Hands Family offer room to grow, relocation opportunities, and fulfillment through providing impactful care.

Regardless of the location, our successful ABA therapy model is consistent across patients in our various clinics. While providing compassionate and collaborative care, here are some of the typical responsibilities BCBA certification applicants can expect to manage daily.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Conducting initial assessments
  • Creating customized ABA treatment plans
  • Coordinating Parent Training Sessions
  • Supervising and coaching RBTs
  • Discussing progress with family
  • Develop and Monitor data collection
  • Provide a weekly update email or facilitate team meetings


Our versatile Board-Certified Behavior Analyst jobs allow for incredible diversity throughout your day-to-day work schedule. Unlike other clinical models that are more rigid, our personalized ABA therapy includes a healthy mixture of clinical creativity, customized in-home therapy services, and other unique opportunities to provide support for patients and fellow staff members!

What Benefits Do We Offer?

Every day at Helping Hands Family brings new opportunities to connect with others and build upon your foundation of behavior therapy skills. With a growing patient base to assist and a variety of experienced therapists by your side, you can expect to put your evidence-based training to good use while supporting the motivated RBTs and the patients you guide.

We are dedicated to providing our team a comprehensive benefits package. At Helping Hands Family in Philadelphia, Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, and our other PA locations, our BCBA benefits include:

  • Quarterly, performance-based bonus
  • A 401(k) plan with matching contributions
  • Medical, dental, and vision plan
  • PTO, Paid holidays, and paid family leave
  • Referral program
  • & more


Alongside opportunities in Pennsylvania, HHF also offers BCBA jobs in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Day in the Life of a BCBA at HH Family

Every day, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts help others by:

  • Enriching the lives of their clients
  • Educating family members about ABA therapy
  • Uplifting fellow team members


Below are the roles BCBAs have in administering ABA therapy:

  • Conduct initial assessments.  These assessments are the basis for building behavior plans that are data-driven. Depending on the location, the initial assessments may be completed in the clinic or in the client’s home. 
  • Develop an autism treatment plan. This plan is built from the assessment results but also takes into account a child’s needs, interests, and motivations. Our treatment plans promote optimal growth in
    • Communication
    • Developmental Milestones
    • Behavior
    • Academic Performance
    • Social Development
  • Adapt autism therapy plans. Our BCBAs collaborate with RBTs and review notes from therapy sessions. Our BCBAs use this collaboration to provide real-time lesson feedback and update the plan as needed. 


Our BCBAs build and modify autism treatment plans that promote progress toward goals and milestones. In Mount Lebanon and Chestnut Hill, PA, along with the rest of our clinics, our BCBAs continue training through BCBA seminars and CEU courses to continue achieving educational and career growth. 

If you are a passionate leader excited to share your knowledge and compassion with others, we encourage you to browse our many jobs and employment opportunities. Our autism clinics are located throughout PA, like Montgomeryville, PA, Mount Lebanon, PA, and several other areas. Start a rewarding job at Helping Hands Family today. 

If You’re Interested in Working With Our Team, Apply Now!

Our talent team will gladly walk you through the step-by-step process and will provide you with information and options if you would like to begin the BCBA certification journey in PA. If you are just getting started with a career in ABA therapy, you may also want to consider our immersive RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) training and career opportunities to complement your ABA growth while working towards your BCBA certification. We have recently posted exciting new RBT jobs in Paoli, Philadelphia, Mccandless, and Collegeville, PA if you are not a BCBA but still hoping to grow your ABA career.

We are hiring for BCBA job opportunities in:

BCBA jobs in PA

We can help any clinician on the journey toward success in ABA therapy. We have assisted team members at every step of their ABA careers, and offer an amazing variety of different support services like BCBA continuing education and other helpful resources related to your specific career goals. We are hiring BCBAs at all of our clinic locations including Ridley Park and Lehigh Valley, PA. Apply today!

Looking for BCBA jobs outside of PA? Learn more about our BCBA jobs in NJ or ask us about our openings for BCBA jobs in MD. For more information or to apply, reach out to our helpful team or submit your online application today!

Helping Hands Family is dedicated to a supportive, inclusive culture. HHF is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sex, ancestry, citizenship status, mental or physical disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, veteran status, or military status.