ABA is an evidence-based practice that can vary based on a provider’s approach and philosophy. Finding a high quality ABA organization is important to ensuring the quality of your child’s treatment. A reputable ABA organization should be able to support its clients and staff members with educational resources, accessible clinics, and a variety of ABA opportunities. 

Here are some key characteristics to evaluate while researching the quality of an ABA organization.

Track Record of Ethical & Respectful Business Practices

Does the ABA organization adhere to Behavior Analyst Certification Board guidelines and support their clients/staff members with ethical transparency? A quick online review search will help you determine if the organization in question is guided by integrity. 

Availability & Quality of ABA Care 

Is the ABA organization able to support a wide range of client needs? If an organization has accessible clinics, great staff-client ratios, and collaborates with integrated service providers, such as speech, feeding, and occupational therapy, they can provide a comprehensive quality of care. An agency should be able to discuss how they involve the family in care as well as how they track and measure the quality of their services.

Staff Support & Training Opportunities

Are the organization’s team members satisfied with their training, benefits, and workplace atmosphere? If staff morale is high and employees are genuinely satisfied with their RBT and BCBA jobs in MD, NJ, PA, NY, and CT, this contentment is often a reflection of an organization’s overall quality. When applying for a position, ask the team about the training and growth opportunities that are available for staff.

How We Empower Our Clients & Team Members at Helping Hands Family

Standing out as a reputable and caring ABA organization is an ongoing effort at Helping Hands Family. To improve the client experience in all phases of ABA therapy, our services revolve around personalized care that is carefully tuned to the needs and goals of each child.

During the initial steps, we help families navigate the insurance details, learn more about ABA therapy, and understand the clinical strategy for their child’s treatment. Our clinical team consistently focuses on improving outcomes through personalized treatment planning. During their child’s ABA therapy, our clients benefit from:

  • Ongoing assessments
  • Compassionate behavioral therapists
  • Consistent positive reinforcement
  • Play-based learning is designed to help each child thrive! 

If you are an aspiring RBT or BCBA looking for a fulfilling ABA job in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Connecticut, we have designed our clinical operations by instilling a positive culture-filled work environment and implementing a thorough staff training program. Even if you don’t have prior ABA therapy experience, our RBT jobs in Pennsylvania include a comprehensive training package that includes:

  • Paid training 
  • Hands-on mentorship
  • Experienced clinical mentors
  • Exciting advancement opportunities
  • Multiple clinical positions in many areas

Together, our supportive staff and client model benefits everyone involved with the ABA therapy treatment plans! Through collaborative education, open lines of communication, and personalized care that aligns with each child’s needs, we continue to improve the lives of our clients and staff members alike! 

If joining an uplifting team that is committed to your growth sounds like the perfect opportunity, we would love to connect you with one of our ABA therapy jobs in CT or in one of the other states we serve. We are actively looking for caring, patient, and motivated individuals who are passionate about improving the lives of others!