Helping Hands Family

Steps for Starting Your RBT Career

Essentials for a Successful RBT Career at HHF

Industry Leading Training

Helping Hands Family (HHF) offers new hires the necessary RBT training upon starting this role. We provide and pay for this all!

  • Intensive 4 Week Training Program
  • Clinical Observation & Shadowing
  • 40 Hour Online Training Course

Complete RBT Requirements with Company Support

  • RBT Competency Assessment
  • RBT Exam

HHF's Proven RBT Onboarding Process

Step 1

Virtual Interview

We schedule an interview to learn more about each candidate’s skills and answer any questions about Helping Hands Family. This process ensures the RBT role fits a candidate’s skills, interests, and goals! 

Step 2

Complete the Paid 4-Week Training Program

Helping Hands Family offers a paid 4-week training program, which includes both live and online sessions. There are also shadowing opportunities with experienced HHF team members!   

Step 3

RBT Competency Assessment

The RBT Competency Assessment requires you to demonstrate competency in each area listed on the RBT Task List through interviewing or role-playing.

Step 4

RBT Exam

The RBT Exam has 75 multiple-choice questions related to ABA terminology and theory. Helping Hands Family reimburses new RBT hires for the cost of the RBT Exam!

Why a Successful RBT Career Starts at HHF!

1. HHF invests in your RBT training! 

You’re required to pay for most RBT training programs. HHF offers both the intensive courses and shadowing opportunities at no cost to offer you both education and experience.

2. Our RBT Exam pass rate is 95%.

This number represents the pass rate of employees that have completed our training program! HHF also reimburses our employees for the exam cost after they pass.

3. You receive company wide support during training.

HHF’s leaders are a team of practicing BCBAs, who offer additional support to clinical employees. For all our locations, there is also an on-site Clinical Director for collaboration and mentorship.

4. HHF sets you up for a successful career!

We offer several college partnerships and fellowship opportunities for continuing education to become a BCBA. 30% of our Registered Behavior Technicians are studying to become BCBAs.


Employee Satisfaction is a Priority at HHF

From day 1, Helping Hands Family dedicates time and resources to provide ample training and smooth onboarding. We prioritize cultivating an environment that fosters positivity and success! 

  • Great Place to Work-Certified
    95% of our employees are made to feel welcome.
  • Upward mobility and education offered!
    Registered Behavior Technicians have been promoted to company wide roles, including BCBAs, Care Coordinators, and Billing Specialists. A BCBA Fellowship Program provides training and supervision to aspiring BCBAs.
  • Clinical staff set-up for success.
    HHF offers paid travel time, mileage reimbursement, dedicated hours for full-time staff, and a work issued tablet for every RBT.
  • Immediate growth opportunities available for RBTs!
    RBTs can be nominated as company ambassadors, which offers increased compensation, leadership training, and career growth.

Relocation Flexibility with Opportunities Throughout the Northeast

We have expanded our footprint to five states with multiple locations in each state!

  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Connecticut
  • New York


RBTs receive paid training and support throughout the training process!