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A consistent and predictable environment can positively influence all learning milestones related to behavior, function, and social development. Establishing clearly defined expectations is fundamental to this process, which provides children with autism with a stable framework to reinforce daily lessons and reduce stressors associated with unfamiliar situations. 

Defining Expectations With Personal Growth in Mind

Creating well-defined, concrete, and predictable expectations that are based on a child’s specific behavioral or developmental goals has many benefits.

    • They help children with autism understand how their actions and behaviors influence the world around them. 

    • They promote positive interactions by encouraging respectful social interactions with desirable rewards to promote polite social behaviors like sharing and using kind words. 

    • When paired with repeated opportunities and chances for generalization, they extend into other realms like motor-skill development, focus, attention, communication ability, and other important facets of personal growth like self-care. 

    • They provide an objective set of rules to guide appropriate action and nurture beneficial habits, which can transform complex tasks or stressful situations into a manageable and productive learning experience. 

ABA Therapy Promotes Meaningful Development Through Positive Reinforcement & Organized Planning

By taking the time to understand each child’s specific needs and how they learn best, we can weave constructive boundaries into the fundamentals of our autism therapy in Lehigh Valley, PA. Learning and growing becomes more fun and less stressful through a highly personalized treatment plan that is consistent, appropriately paced, and relatable! By encouraging and reinforcing individual successes constantly throughout the day, the appropriate behaviors and functional skills can flourish into lasting personal growth! 

Our autism therapy incorporates a well-structured schedule of hands-on activities that promote useful coordination, social skills, and academic growth. This approach is enhanced by ongoing feedback and positive support delivered by the Helping Hands Family clinical staff. As important as the quality of the behavior plans and expectations established, our caring clinicians believe that it’s equally important to provide an uplifting environment that is safe, fun, and supportive. 

Discover the Many Ways We Can Help You & Your Child Thrive! 

Our personalized autism services in Philadelphia provide a network of support for you and your child. With our play-based learning and constructive behavior plans, our clients benefit from ongoing teaching and tips so our impactful ABA goals extend beyond the clinic. Our informative providers will gladly teach you how to establish helpful learning expectations at home, further enriching the progress and development of your child.

Interested in learning more about our caring approach to ABA therapy at Helping Hands Family? Contact our experienced care team for in-depth information about our ABA therapists, our beautiful clinics, and the many ways we can help your child achieve meaningful progress in behavior and function!