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RBT Jobs in Delaware County, PA

Our RBTs are critical in making our autism services personal! Our registered behavior technicians nurture, encourage, and guide children with autism towards their milestones! 

Among the most fulfilling jobs with kids in Delaware County, PA, our upbeat clinical atmosphere and cohesive training program make this one of the best positions to consider for making a difference! With amazing perks like:

Our RBTs in Delaware County, PA are prepared for success from the start. 

Benefits of joining the Helping Hands Family in Stamford, CT

Why Should You Join HHF?

Our industry-leading RBT training and support allow us to continue our outstanding client care! We proudly offer an extensive four-week training program, which is double the training most autism services offer new RBTs. 

Our goal is to provide our RBTs with a strong foundation of knowledge, confidence, and support to ease them into their new role with less stress and more success! 

On-the-job benefits for  our RBTs in Delaware County, PA are: 

These benefits help employees thrive at HHF. Other job incentives include: 

  • Collaborative mentorships: Learn from experienced BCBAs, fellow RBTs, and other behavior therapy team members who are driven to see you succeed.
  • A fun-filled and community-like atmosphere: We blur the lines between work and play at Helping Hands Family! Our RBTs lead play-based lessons, inspiring group activities, and bond with their clients and staff members on a personal basis. 
  • Amazing pay and benefits: Our fulfilling RBT jobs are also financially beneficial too! We provide our RBTs with competitive salaries,  paid training, 401k plans, comprehensive healthcare, and other great perks! 

RBTs Grow Their Careers at Helping Hands Family

All of the above benefits combine with a wonderful day-to-day clinical experience! The HHF culture helps us to sustain a positive atmosphere with a healthy work-life balance. Our RBT and BCBA jobs in Delaware County, PA are a wonderful option for career growth. All of our positions lay the framework for a flourishing career path.

Careers in behavior science: 

At Helping Hands Family, we have RBT jobs in Montgomery County, PA, Delaware County, and other surrounding locations. We encourage you to get in touch with us directly for guidance or follow our career links online and apply for your dream therapy position today!