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RBT Jobs in Allegheny County, PA

Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) rank as the best job with kids! 

Worthwhile perks include: 

At Helping Hands Family, our RBTs love their jobs! Why work at Helping Hands Family?

Benefits of joining the Helping Hands Family in Stamford, CT

Your Responsibilities as an RBT

Our RBTs make a lasting difference in the lives of children with autism! Here’s what a typical day at Helping Hands Family in Allegheny County, PA involves:

  • Implementing behavior plans: Under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, RBTs run daily ABA therapy sessions like:
    • One-on-one therapy sessions
    • Group activities
    • Step-by-step support for clients 
  • Monitoring progress & collecting data: Tracking each client’s progress is imperative to ABA therapy success. To measure progress in communication, behavior, and other functional milestones, RBTs are responsible for maintaining accurate notes.
  • Collaborating with the team: RBTs collaborate with their supervisors, fellow therapists, and other support team members to elevate the quality of care. This may include:
    • Training new team members
    • Making recommendations to improve the processes 
    •  Planning activities for the children as a unified team
  • Engaging with families: RBTs update family members about their child’s progress. These updates allow families to incorporate clinical lessons at home.
RBT jobs allegheny county pa

Top Reasons To Become an RBT

Our RBT and BCBA jobs in Allegheny County, PA deliver a deep sense of pride and fulfillment. Everyday RBTs see children with autism achieve their behavior therapy milestones. In addition to the heartwarming stories, other benefits our RBTs in Allegheny County, PA enjoy are:

Career Advancement Opportunities

We encourage our team members to reach new heights in their behavior therapy careers. HHF offers our RBTs:

With a growing network of clinics in PA, MD, CT, NY, and NJ, our family of providers is constantly growing. There is an increasing demand for qualified and caring ABA therapists, which is advantageous for RBTs who aspire to become BCBAs. Helping Hands Family offers a BCBA Fellowship program to support the RBTs on our team in their BCBA education!

If you’re ready to begin the journey toward a meaningful and impactful career in behavior therapy, apply for one of our many RBT positions today!