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Start a Career with Purpose as an RBT

The Impactful Career You Never Considered

Are you looking for an impactful career working with children?  One you should consider is becoming a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). RBTs help children with autism learn, communicate, flourish, and grow. This fulfilling career offers:

  • In-Demand Role: 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism and need 1-on-1 intensive therapy sessions that may last up to 5 hours. 
  • Career Progression: RBTs can further their careers both in the behavior field by becoming a  Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) or pursue other advanced roles in other fields such as billing, intake, or training.
  • Skill Development: RBT jobs develop skills in behavior management, data collection, communication, and collaboration.
  • An Entry into the Mental Health Field: RBT jobs allow you to develop experience in conducting 1-on-1 therapy, note taking during a session, and collecting data, which are all useful skills for this field!
Why You Should Become an RBT

How RBTs Make an Impact

Direct Support for Children with Autism

RBTs provide intensive 1-on-1 therapy to children with autism. This therapy is personalized and play-based to help kids learn new skills, improve their behavior, develop their socialization, practice their motor skills, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices

RBTs are trained to implement evidence-based ABA Therapy, which has passed treatment evaluations administered by the US Surgeon General and American Psychological Association. RBTs ensure that children receive scientifically validated treatments that are personalized to their specific needs and goals.

Promotion of Independence

RBTs focus on teaching kids functional skills, such as communication, socialization, self-help, and academic skills. Learning these foundational skills empowers children to become more independent and better equipped to navigate daily life.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

RBTs collect data on a child’s progress during therapy sessions. This data allows for continuous assessment and modification of treatment plans to ensure that interventions are effective and personalized to a patient’s changing needs.

Enhancement of Social Skills and Communication

RBTs play a crucial role in helping children improve their social skills, communication, and interactions. This can lead to increased social inclusion, identifying the best means for a child to communicate, and improve relationships with peers and family members.

Family Support and Education

RBTs provide regular updates with families on their child’s progression. They work closely with families by providing education and support. By helping the family to understand ABA principles, RBTs enable the family to reinforce learning and behavior strategies at home.

Requirements, Experience, and Training

HHF Offers Paid RBT Training

The training program includes 4 weeks of training, shadowing, supervision, and the required 40-hour online training course. We pay you to learn!

RBT Exam Cost Reimbursed

After training, you take the standard required RBT exam. After you pass the exam, HHF reimburses you for the exam cost!

Other RBT Requirements

Why Choose HHF

At Helping Hands Family, we provide a healthy work environment and put our employees in the best situations to serve the children in our clinics. Below are reasons to choose HHF for your career growth!

  • HHF pays RBTs to obtain their certifications. Our RBT education offers  thorough training, invaluable observation, and clinical mentoring. This program has generated 95% average pass rate on the RBT Exam! 
  • HHF offers upward mobility through education and promotions. Registered Behavior Technicians have been promoted to roles across the company, including BCBAs, Care Coordinators, and Billing Specialists.
  • The company growth in the last year is unprecedented with a 110% increase in employee count!
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RBTs receive paid training and support throughout the education process!