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Let us show you how ABA Therapy can help your child achieve their greatest potential.

At Helping Hands Family, we work to enrich the lives of our clients through fun, personalized, and interactive ABA programs! Inside our engaging autism clinics, children benefit from a rewarding mix of one-on-one lessons and group activities. Our clinical team is actively involved in each child’s developmental growth!

As a full-service autism therapy provider, our autism clinics in Paoli and Newtown Square, PA utilize a learning style and pace that aligns with each child. Our approach considers each child’s unique abilities and skills with behavior plans centering around the needs of each child. Unlike other learning strategies that require a child to conform to a rigid curriculum, we believe that the best outcomes arise from ABA therapy that is child-led, play-based, and uplifted by positive reinforcement.

As we work towards behavior improvements, communication goals, and motor-skill milestones, our clients at Helping Hands Family in Newtown Square, PA benefit from:

  • A safe and clean learning environment
  • The latest ABA learning tools
  • Constant RBT support
  • Private and shared lesson spaces
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We Create a Nurturing Environment That Fosters Growth & Development

With the primary goal of improving the lives of every client and family we support, our ABA approach is nurturing, gentle, and rooted in evidence-based principles. Incorporating each child’s unique interests and goals can improve autism therapy by:

  • Improving lesson engagement
  • Reducing stress
  • Promoting a sense of autonomy.


The many benefits of child-led learning complement our play-based interventions in several ways.

  • Puzzle games can improve problem-solving skills and motor coordination.
  • Fun group activities can demonstrate sharing, listening, and communicating.
  • Play-based learning can reduce learning resistance and inspire continued learning!

The best autism therapies are built around trust, organized progression, and autism treatment strategies that are engaging and rewarding! At Helping Hands Family near Penn Hills, PA, our immersive ABA therapy plans open the doors to each child’s fullest potential.

Daily, our proactive clinicians actively look for new opportunities to infuse valuable learning moments into our fun and stimulating lessons. As each child works towards milestones in communication, behavior, or social development, our team continues to evaluate and adjust the plans to promote a trajectory of life-improving progress!

As unique as each child, our autism services near Penn Hills, PA are 100% customized. Hand-in-hand with our research-driven ABA therapy plans we build a framework of nurturing guidance that is consistently enriched by:

  • Genuinely caring behavior therapists
  • The latest ABA therapy toys, games, and learning tools
  • State-of-the-art autism clinics
  • Access to multiple autism treatment options
  • Frequent plan evaluations and updates

Our Goal Is To Foster Continuous Improvement Throughout Our Autism Treatment

To provide the best quality of care possible, our ABA therapy team near Penn Hills, PA receives exceptional initial and ongoing training. All of our autism services are powered by the latest insights in behavior research, and our collaborative clinical environment ensures that our team is making the most appropriate lesson decisions for your child.

In harmony with our communicative team approach, our inclusive autism therapy model is designed to promote continuity of care in all areas of your child’s life. To foster continuous improvement at home, our clinicians will teach families and caregivers how to incorporate our ABA lessons into everyday life at home.

Whether your child is working towards clearer verbalization, appropriate social behavior, or functional self-care skills, we are committed to helping your child achieve their fullest potential! When everyone is on the same page, the potential benefits of autism therapy in Monroeville, PA, and the surrounding areas are more likely to become deeply ingrained in skills and habits. With a personalized combination of inclusive family/caregiver education, frequent plan adjustments, and our interactive learning environment, here are some of the practical improvements that can emerge.

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Benefits of ABA Therapy:

  • Reinforces positive behaviors
  • Enhances daily living skills
  • Improves cognitive skills
  • Reduces maladaptive behaviors
  • Develops communication and social skills

We Offer Clinic Based & In-Home Therapy Sessions

All of the above comes with convenient support options at Helping Hands Family near Penn Hills, PA. With in-home services like initial assessments and introductory autism treatments, we make it easy to get to know our team and familiarize your child with ABA therapy. Eventually, our goal is to progress all children to a clinic for improved socialization and functional development.

However we can best support your child’s progress in behavior therapy, all ABA services like our ABA therapy in Cranberry Township, PA, include factual information and step-by-step guidance. If this is your first time enrolling in ABA services, we can teach you all about insurance, diagnosis, and assessment requirements. If your child already has some experience with behavior therapy, our adaptable care model makes it easy to continue the progress at any stage of development!

For an informative consultation, contact our ABA experts for recommendations today!

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