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Let us show you how ABA Therapy can help your child achieve their greatest potential.

At Helping Hands Family, we have a play-based and ascent-based approach to ABA therapy! Our knowledgeable clinical team focuses on each child’s individuality and customizes their autism treatment plan to their abilities and goals. We achieve positive outcomes through:

  • Interactive learning
  • Attentive instruction
  • Play-based sessions

With a variety of clinics in near Allegheny County, PA, we provide the best autism services to children and families throughout the area. Our autism therapy is 

  • Personalized – To ensure autism treatment plans address each child’s specific developmental needs.
  • Adaptive – To adjust ABA therapy based on a child’s progress and needs.

ABA therapy promotes:

  • Effective communication and expression
  • Improved problem-solving, focus, and comprehension
  • Social development, self-awareness, and relationship-building
  • Daily independence and self-care
  • Quality of life improvements
ABA therapy in Columbia, MD

Early Intervention for Children With Autism

We can begin autism therapy at a young age. This early intervention, paired with a well-structured plan, has the potential to improve your child’s communication skills, behavior, and social development. 

Even children who begin ABA therapy later in life can benefit from our behavior therapy model! Our autism centers offer:

  • Play-based, child-led learning to promote engagement and reduce learning stressors
  • Gentle, positive reinforcement to guide children toward their learning goals
  • A collaborative clinical team that  maximizes each lesson
  • Supportive family education and consistent progress updates
  • Upbeat attitudes and a fun-filled clinic for a joyful learning experience

Giving Your Child the Attention They Deserve

  • Personalized Treatment Plans – After their initial assessment, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts near Allegheny County, PA will construct a unique goal-oriented plan based on the initial assessment to address areas of need.
  • One-on-One Therapy Sessions – Our HHF clinics have a 1-to-1 therapist to child ratio. Our RBTs conduct adaptable learning sessions. This flexibility allows us to successfully build on previous milestones!

Our clinicians in Allegheny County, PA  match the treatment approach to your child’s preferences. For children who learn best in a quiet and calm atmosphere, they may use more, one-on-one therapy sessions. For other children, practicing new communication and social skills in group learning activities often provides the best foundation for growth. Even when considering a child’s preferences, our ABA therapy in Pittsburgh, PA involves a mix of one-on-one sessions and group therapy that lead to development in: 

  • Behavior
  • Communication
  • Concentration 
  • Social engagement

Our approach ensures clients benefit from individual skill development but can also apply these skills in real-life situations, like school.

Find Autism Support Near Allegheny County, PA Today!

Getting started with our early intervention autism services is simple. Click here to learn more about our team and ABA therapy model. For assistance with the first steps in signing up for autism treatment, contact our Care Coordinators today! 

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