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Building a foundation of learning success through ABA therapy is all about the team approach. 

Since frequent and consistent Applied Behavior Analysis interventions can significantly improve outcomes in communication, behavior, and functional development, the inclusion of family members, caregivers, and teachers is vital to the process. When everyone is on the same page and prepared to keep the behavior therapy lessons on track, this collaborative approach to autism treatment benefits everyone in the end!

Understanding Your Child’s Needs & Developing Goals

Along with our behavior plan development steps, involving all relevant individuals in the process allows for enhanced progress. To promote your child’s best interests, we put together a clear picture of your child’s needs and goals by communicating with: 

  • Teachers 
  • School Leadership 
  • Healthcare Providers
  • You & Your Family 


Teachers and other caregivers often provide a unique perspective on your child’s needs that may not be present at home. The more information our clinical team has access to, the more closely our behavior plans can encourage your child’s growth.

Ensuring the Appropriate Learning Environment is Provided

As your full-service ABA therapy providers, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients have access to safe and supportive learning environments. We can work together with your child’s school staff to determine the most appropriate support that will help your child reach their full potential. By collaborating with school staff, consistency across settings can occur and drive success in both therapy and education settings.

Actively Evaluating Your Child’s Progress

To provide the learning foundation your child deserves, regular assessments are an integral part of our support. Included in our ABA assessment process, interacting with your child’s school and teachers ensures that our various clinical locations, including our ABA therapy center in Philadelphia, are aware of your child’s evolving needs, whether they are learning in our clinic or their school’s classroom. 

During our routine assessments, we evaluate which ABA interventions are helping, which interventions need adjustment, and consider other relevant ideas to promote your child’s continued progress. Actively discussing the specifics of each intervention with your child’s teachers makes it even easier to promote a sustainable path of progress, because care is consistent in both a clinical and school setting.

Maintaining Growth & Promoting Better Habits

The best behavior plans are only as good as the real-time adjustments and quality of ongoing care. While our clinical approaches, such as our ABA therapy in Doylestown, PA, provide a strong foundation for learning appropriate behavior or functional skills, these learned skills can diminish unless a comprehensive framework of support is established and maintained.

That’s where our follow-up instruction comes into play. If certain learning strategies are working well, we want you and your child’s teachers to know about them. If your child is ready to progress to a new milestone in communication or problem-solving, we recommend specific learning tools and classroom strategies to keep the progress on the same page as our evidence-based ABA therapy practices.

Helping Hands Family offers a collaborative approach through effective communication to ensure all of our patients receive the best autism treatment possible! Our clinical teams view parent, teacher, and caregiver involvement as an asset in the treatment process, so we encourage ongoing dialogue. If you want to learn more about our approach to Autism Therapy, please reach out to us for more information.