Access to quality therapeutic services from autism service providers can be a ray of sunshine for families whose child has received an autism diagnosis. Children in Connecticut with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) desperately need treatment, and this demand is only anticipated to grow. According to a report by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed the number of ASD diagnoses in 2016 was about three times the amount documented in 2000. Today, autism has a prevalence rate of about 1 in 44 children.

Easterseals, a nonprofit organization that assists individuals with disabilities, explains the course of action parents should take if they suspect their child has autism: “Every family living with a person who has ASD faces unique challenges. Early detection and intervention are the essential first steps.” To bridge the gap in care for children with ASD, organizations like Helping Hands Family (HHF) have emerged across the Northeast to meet the growing need for autism-related services. HHF has announced that they are expanding to Connecticut to assist the growing need for autism services in the state.

Helping Hands Family Expanding Autism Services for Children in Connecticut

Researchers at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital have found that starting therapy for autism as soon as possible can positively impact development. These studies show that introducing children with autism to evidence-based treatment early on leads to substantial gains in communication, social, and cognitive skills. Children as young as 18-months can benefit from early autism services to help prepare for pre-school or early school years.

HHF’s Regional Director of Operations for New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, Allyson Kroneberger, M.A., BCBA, remarks:

“Helping Hands Family is excited to expand to the state of Connecticut. In our hopes to fulfill our mission of making autism services personal, we are overjoyed to bring our individualized approach to the families of Connecticut. Having connected with both school personnel and pediatricians in the area, we understand that there is a huge need for quality ABA services, with most families on waitlists of 6 months or more. Understanding that intensive ABA treatment cannot wait, we are here to help provide guidance and individualized treatment to the families in need.”

The Helping Hands Family approach collaborates with families at every stage of the autism treatment process, from establishing treatment goals to monitoring the effectiveness of treatment plans. Their treatment for autism, which is known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), is the only therapy that has been recommended for the treatment of autism by The American Psychological Association and the United States Surgeon General. They have acknowledged the scientific credibility of ABA therapy and affirmed its status as the ultimate standard of care for autistic individuals.

HHF’s skilled clinical staff praise ABA’s benefits for children with autism, which emphasizes methods that incorporate individualized, play-based therapy. ABA is primarily intended to assist in the growth of new abilities, the refinement of current skills, and the management of behavioral issues. HHF accomplishes this by providing positive reinforcement and tailoring its approach to each child’s needs. ABA sessions provide a safe and structured environment where therapists may demonstrate, and model desired behaviors, allowing children to confidently cultivate their individualized objectives. Based on empirical research, ABA therapy can help children with autism improve a range of socially significant skills. Helping Hands Family utilizes only the most effective, cutting-edge techniques from the field of ABA.

Despite a rise in the number of autism diagnoses in Connecticut over the past decade, help and support are always available from organizations like Helping Hands Family. HHF’s recent expansion into Connecticut demonstrates the organization’s commitment to fulfilling its purpose of closing the deficit in children’s access to ABA services across the country. It is ideally positioned to be an abundant resource for numerous local families with its experienced clinical teams, state-of-the-art facilities, and impassioned dedication to helping the autism community. If you are a parent in Connecticut and looking for services, don’t hesitate to contact Nikki Marchetti at (973) 967-3267 or visit HHF online at