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Finding the Best ABA Therapy and Understanding the ABA Approach

The two biggest questions parents ask following an autism diagnosis are:

Fortunately, there are a wealth of free resources and support options to help you answer these two questions, which we outline below!

The First Steps: Autism Diagnosis & Provider Research

  1. Getting an official autism diagnosis from a qualified provider is required by most insurance companies and autism therapy providers before ABA therapy can commence. Some helpful resources for acquiring an autism diagnosis are:

  1. Pediatricians
  2. Developmental specialists
  3. Psychologists

After receiving an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, your medical provider will teach
you more about the diagnosis and connect you with helpful resources.

  1. Finding a credible ABA provider that provides evidence-based interventions is critical! ABA services in Trumbull, CT, and our other clinic locations are covered by most insurances.  Your doctor or psychologist is one of the best resources for finding a credible ABA provider. Helping Hands Family receives referrals from local pediatricians and psychologists. We actively collaborate with many medical professionals to ensure seamless continuity of care as individuals transition into ABA therapy.

There are alternative strategies for researching the best ABA therapy options independently. 

What to Expect When ABA Therapy Begins

After the initial autism assessment, our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts develop comprehensive behavior plans with consideration for all realms of behavior, communication, and social development. Behavior therapy plans are personalized, ensuring that each child benefits from a learning and progress plan that is relatable, attainable, and beneficial.  

While each behavior plan and learning approach is unique, our ABA services in West Chester, PA, and other clinics incorporate proven behavior therapy interventions. 

With Helping Hands Family supporting you and your family, you can expect to be a part of the growth every step of the way! Learn more about our diverse service options and our modern ABA therapy clinics. Our friendly and knowledgeable Care Coordination team will help you begin the ABA therapy journey!