At Helping Hands Family, we consistently elevate the effectiveness of our autism services by staying connected with the latest research and integrating the best practice updates into our ABA therapy approach. We achieve this by:

  • Supporting our clinical staff’s development with continuing education.
  • Hiring passionate registered behavior therapists (RBTs) and board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) who want to continue learning.
  • Offering our clinical staff career advancement opportunities, so they can grow alongside HHF!
  • Scheduling parent training sessions with families so they understand their child’s autism treatment plan and implement elements from ABA therapy sessions at home.
  • Establishing a collaborative team environment to work and learn together.

HHF’s clinical team and the families we support receive many positive impacts from our culture of learning!  

Opportunities for Continuing Education

To help our staff with continuing education, HHF has partnered with several colleges and universities. Team members, who take advantage of these partnerships, not only advance their education, but can receive tuition discounts, scholarships, waived application fees, and free access to textbooks. Whether you’re looking to enroll in a BCBA graduate degree program or are seeking education in a related behavior health field, we support your continued education.

We seek candidates for our RBT or BCBA jobs in Pennsylvania that have a dedication to education and a commitment to self-improvement! With a clinical team that proactively pursues learning about behavior science and ABA therapy, our autism therapy clients can enjoy amazing outcomes in their autism treatment programs!

RBT Development Program

To support our RBTs on their path to career development and increased education, we created the RBT Rise Program. With a built-in clinical support system, our RBTs are provided with level-based advancement opportunities that lead to increased job responsibilities, greater leadership abilities, and increased compensation! Throughout the tiered program, you’ll develop skills in behavior training, experience in clinical leadership, and education in autism treatment plan adaptation, which will help you excel in providing direct care to clients and coaching new hires. RBTs are the backbone of our compassionate services at Helping Hands Family, and we want to support you through every step of your journey.

Parent Training & Education

Collaboration between clinicians, families, and caregivers can lead to successful ABA therapy. At Helping Hands Family, we prioritize parent involvement and education, knowing that they are essential pieces of the puzzle. Our clinicians are constantly updating parents on their child’s progress and training them on ABA strategies that can be implemented at home to ensure continuity of care. In these parent consultation meetings, we also offer insights on how parents can measure progress at home and provide an environment to encourage positive behaviors.

A Collaborative Team Environment

Education extends beyond the classroom at Helping Hands Family. Our experienced providers openly share valuable insights with fellow team members. Our community-like approach to team training involves a balanced mix of hands-on shadowing and real-time feedback.

Every day, our clinical team works together to improve the quality of care by sharing feedback, brainstorming individualized treatment strategies, and evaluating each other for constant provider refinement and skill development. Since many of our clinical directors, BCBAs, and RBTs have significant experience in specialized treatments, our diverse staff is well-prepared to help each other thrive in all realms of ABA therapy.

If you would like to join our collaborative team, we regularly post opportunities for BCBAs and offer paid training for RBT jobs in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York.

For family members hoping to learn more about our research-based ABA therapy, contact our Care Coordination team!