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Best Strategies for Transitioning from ABA Therapy to School

Making the transition from ABA therapy to school is an important step in your child’s autism treatment! While each child will respond to different approaches, there are some general tips for promoting a smoother transition to a traditional school setting. Helping Hands Family uplifts our clients with practical strategies and transforms the stressors of change into confidence and enthusiasm for the learning opportunities ahead. 

Since each child has unique needs, there are a variety of ways to approach school readiness with each child’s preferences and needs in focus. By offering a gradual and well-designed approach, several benefits can emerge, such as:

  • Reinforced ABA learning milestones
  • Empowered school staff to assist more effectively
  • Established stress-reducing expectations 
  • Nurtured behavioral and developmental growth
  • Inclusion of invaluable social experiences and learning opportunities

Here’s how our supportive team at Helping Hands Family can help you prepare and navigate the transition from ABA therapy to school in a seamless way. 

Approach School Readiness Based on Your Child’s Preferences

We will gladly help you organize a checklist of transitional ideas to gradually introduce your child to the idea of school and what they can expect. Our autism services in Pennsylvania, NJ, CT, NY, and MD can help you identify your child’s primary needs and preferences to help drive this school readiness checklist. We’ll help you explore which plan details might best support your child’s needs and preferences like their current ABA visuals, daily routine, or familiar learning materials to promote ease of adjustment.  

For example, if your child relies on a visual schedule to guide their activities, part of the plan might be to introduce visual elements of the daily school routine to their schedule along with preparation sessions. In this example, the idea of a school is introduced with fun images or by writing down activities that your child will experience in the school environment, which can minimize the shock of unexpected change.  

Perhaps your child learns the best and remains calmer when routine and familiarity are established. Much like you can introduce the idea of school activities early on through their visual schedules, you can build toward school familiarity in several ways. 

  • Talk about the school each day
  • Take trips to see the school
  • Meet the teachers ahead of time
  • Practice school activities 

Connect With Teachers & School Staff in Advance

Even though we don’t physically accompany your child to school, our clinical team will gladly communicate with teachers and school staff members to establish a seamless continuity of learning from ABA therapy to the classroom. We can also connect you with valuable resources related to your child’s rights and the accommodations your child’s school is required to provide when requested. 

For example, if your child requires special arrangements to support auditory sensitivities or accommodate a specific style of learning, our caring team will share all relevant needs with your child’s school. Fortunately, most schools are familiar with the ABA therapy model and common accommodations that our learners require to excel.

Ongoing Feedback & Learning Plan Adjustments

Alongside supporting you every step of the way before the transition to school, our caring team is here to help you and your child thrive with ongoing support. With real-time behavior plan assessments and collaborative discussions with you and your child’s teachers, we do everything we can to keep your child’s plan up-to-date for continued progress toward their learning objectives. 

With a great school readiness approach and respect for your child’s needs, making the transition from ABA therapy to school can be accomplished with less stress and more enthusiasm. Our ABA therapists in Monroeville, PA, and throughout the northeast are here to help. To start planning your child’s school readiness, contact our compassionate team for helpful recommendations today!