Careers directly involving children present a unique work environment. Not only do jobs with children require a versatile set of skills and abilities, but they offer excellent benefits available in no other career! There is a large need in this industry since not everyone is equipped to work with children. According to, employers generally evaluate employees for these types of roles by gauging their philosophy on topics relating to children, groups of children, and accessing general teaching or coaching abilities.

Whether it is a teacher, caregiver, or registered behavior technician (RBT), employees in these jobs understand the significance of their role due to the impact they can have on a child’s life. This responsibility is accompanied by countless benefits and advantages! Working with kids can offer daily educational experiences for the employee themselves. There is a constant fulfillment provided in the realization that jobs with children help to make the world a better place by offering the ability to mold future leaders.

Benefits of Working with Children

While the positives to working with children are apparent, these careers can present challenges as well. Jobs as a fulltime teacher or RBT can be difficult since children, especially younger aged kids, experience good days and bad days. While the breakthroughs are aplenty, children have their difficult days, which can lead to a frustrating workday. Those tough days require both patience and empathy, while being clear and consistent.

While there is known a degree of difficulty working with children, nothing worthwhile ever comes without challenges. The Atlantic sites a study by Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist, stating “the more time people spend taking care of children provides more meaning to their lives.” Jobs with children offer you the opportunity to significantly impact a kid’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. The impact of these careers can quickly scale because the shaping of one individual child also helps their family and the surrounding community.

Six of the most rewarding benefits of working with kids are listed below.

1. Working with kids keeps you young.

The innocence of children can be a refreshing experience in a work environment! By nature, children are active, imaginative, and creative. The activities, lessons, and experiences of working with children also help you to increase your own imaginations and creativity. Days filled with play, action, creativity, and fun, offers a feel-good career!

2. Your career is constantly meaningful and rewarding.

Working with kids is truly special because the teaching and encouragement you provide directly leads to you witnessing a child’s many milestones and breakthroughs. A registered behavioral therapist works through daily therapy sessions and is rewarded with victories, such as a child mastering a goal or discovering a different way to communicate.

Every day working with children provides an opportunity to teach them life lessons, useful skills, and important knowledge. Careers involving children offers the privilege to positively influence social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development!  Most jobs do not provide this type of significance that is meaningful and rewarding.

3. There is constant demand in careers related to children.

No matter the economy or technological advances we experience as a society, jobs working with kids are always necessary. As mentioned above, working with children requires a special individual that has unique skill sets, which not everyone possesses

4. A career path of working with children offers exciting growth potential.

Since working with kids offers many different career paths, there are always opportunities to advance in the industry or earn promotions. Alongside the career growth, educational opportunities are endless, such as child development courses, continuing education seminars, or secure your certification as a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA).

5. Your job experience will improve your parenting ability.

Whether you plan on having kids or already have kids; knowledge, experience, and education from jobs with children can be valuable to current or future parents! The benefit of receiving additional education, training, perspectives, and skills that can help you in parenthood is priceless. The additional experience with children will assist you in nurturing your own child’s growth and development.

6. Your days are filled with adventure.

Working with children ensures each day will be a unique adventure because kids are exciting and unpredictable! Nothing matches the energy of a child’s enthusiasm for life and eagerness to learn. You will find yourself engaging in different tasks and activities every day. Also, each child you work with will have different strengths, personality, and perspective. While some of the day’s adventures will be overcoming new challenges, for most employees, working with kids is as invigorating as it is rewarding!

If you are looking to start this rewarding career path of working with children, exploring a job as a registered behavior technician (RBT) is a great start! At Helping Hands Family, we will support your growth, even with minimal experience, and you’ll have the chance to make an immediate impact! Our RBT positions include significant observation and training opportunities to prep you for your RBT exam. If you are interested in working with children, click here for more information regarding our application process.