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As a loving and supportive parent, you want the best for your child. If your child has recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it may feel like finding the best care for your child has you traveling in uncharted waters.

The path may look different for each child, but milestones like effective communication, interactive social skills, and appropriate behavior is an achievable possibility. 

Thanks to advancements in behavior science research and increasingly accessible ABA therapy opportunities, children with autism (and their family members) can still go on to lead fulfilling and independent lives. With our compassionate autism services in Chatham, NJ and numerous other locations, nurturing tangible quality-of-life benefits is our number one focus.

1. Learn About Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis and Options  

Behavior science offers various autism therapy approaches to support your family and continuous research expands the opportunities available to help your child reach their greatest potential! Early ABA intervention is proven to promote positive outcomes for children with ASD. The Helping Hands Family clinical team supports our clients with research-based and factual autism resources for educating you more about the possibilities with behavior science, which may offer hope for your family. We can give your child the tools to increase success along their learning path. 

2. Build a Network of Support 

Besides the behavior science aspect, an autism diagnosis can raise concerns, such as social or financial uncertainty. Whatever worries you may have, opening yourself to loved ones or trusted professionals, such as the HHF clinical staff, can provide an outlet to express your needs, ask for guidance, and receive the help you need when you are feeling overwhelmed. There are also various channels and media that connect the autism community such as “Autism Speaks”, autism parenting magazines, and autism-focused YouTube channels, which not only provide useful information but connect you to other families in the autism community! Building your “village” can help to support your child and family all throughout their journey.

3. Focus on the Positive 

It’s easy to forget about the things we should be grateful for when facing a stressful change or new challenge. If doubts, frustrations, or other draining emotions related to your child’s autism diagnosis have clouded your peace of mind, consider a shift in focus. Receiving an autism diagnosis does not change the child you know and love. Your child just has their own unique strengths and difficulties. Some helpful exercises include listing the accomplishments of your child, focusing on the many things your child can do, and remembering the beautiful traits that make your child who they are. 

4. Learn, Learn, Learn 

Autism treatment success rate often increases with family involvement. With your involvement, behavior strategies can expand beyond the clinic settings. With our educational ABA services in Monmouth County, NJ and throughout the northeast, we provide ‘parent or guardian training’ in all our ABA plans. In our parent meetings, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) educate parents and family members on the strategies within the patient’s treatment plan to implement at home and in the community. We even have our own parent curriculum and offer monthly case review reports to keep you informed all throughout your child’s autism treatment. Parents that participate in their child’s autism treatment find joy and fulfillment in witnessing their child’s successes!

5. Look For A Personalized Behavior Plan

Since each child’s autism diagnosis is unique, it’s essential that every child receives a personalized plan of action. An individualized behavior plan is appropriate for children of any age. By combining step-by-step learning goals specifically chosen for your child with encouragement based on your child’s interests, functional and behavioral growth has a greater chance to flourish.

At Helping Hands Family we offer completely personalized care plans. By offering ABA therapy in Edison, NJ, and other locations throughout the northeast, we have the pleasure of guiding families through the process following an autism diagnosis. If you have questions following your child’s autism diagnosis, reach out to the HHF Care Coordination Team for guidance on the next steps.