At the heart of every beneficial ABA therapy plan, there’s a Registered Behavior Technician improving outcomes and uplifting the lives of children with autism. At Helping Hands Family, our caring team is filled with genuinely caring, knowledgeable, and motivated professionals who strive to infuse fun and meaningful growth into every ABA therapy session!

If you describe yourself as kind, communicative, patient, compassionate, and committed to personal improvement, our RBT jobs in NJ, CT, MD, or PA may be the perfect fit for you! Our RBTs enjoy a range of fulfilling career possibilities, with diverse clinical and in-home roles available in many areas. 

Before applying for our jobs with kids in Lancaster, PA or our many other locations, take a few moments and ask yourself, “Do you see these 5 qualities in yourself?”. If you can, you may be the perfect fit for a rewarding career as an RBT at Helping Hands Family! 

1. Kindness

Kindness is a cornerstone of quality ABA therapy. The best ABA outcomes emerge when children with autism feel safe and secure in the learning environment. Serving with kindness directly supports this safe and secure framework. We exclusively look for candidates who actively practice authentic compassion! Kindness reduces the stress of learning, helps to maintain an upbeat behavior therapy environment, and opens the doors to newfound functional, behavioral, and social development.  

2. Communication Skills

RBTs provide direct guidance to their clients, treatment updates to family members, and collaboration sessions with fellow ABA therapy providers, which makes communication skills vital to the RBT position. Communication in the RBT position requires an ability to listen, provide insight, receive feedback, and instruct others. With changing behavior plans and evolving client needs, a strong foundation of communication complements all the other qualities mentioned here.

3. Creativity

Creativity keeps your clients engaged! Our RBT jobs in MD, PA, NJ, and CT are both rewarding and challenging. A big challenge is keeping a client consistently engaged. There may be times when progress slows, but creativity can help you discover a new way to reach current goals, which makes all the difference. The more creative and engaging you are with your clients, the more fun they’ll have, which will help their progress surge.

4. Compassion 

The kindness quality mentioned above is driven by inherent compassion for others, which supports various facets of ABA Therapy. If you are a nurturing, supportive, and caring individual, who puts those in need first, you’ll find that improving the lives of children with autism as an RBT job in CT, MD, NJ, or PA comes naturally. When your baseline is compassion, it’s also easier to remain motivated and excited for the uplifting possibilities that come with every ABA therapy session! 

5. Curiosity

Staying curious is important, especially in the field of behavior science. ABA therapy is constantly evolving. In an ongoing effort to provide the very best ABA therapy, we’re looking for candidates who are open-minded, willing to learn, and ready to evolve as clinical professionals. HHF offers continuing education opportunities to advance our RBTs’ knowledge.

When starting as a Registered Behavior Technician, there are multiple paths for career advancement! A career as an RBT is challenging but rewarding. It offers a desirable balance of fulfillment, opportunity, and flexibility, which many careers do not offer. With the qualities above, a Registered Behavior Technician can achieve a stable career with exciting growth potential!