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HHF’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Approach

Our clinics near Delaware County, PA are colorful, upbeat, and welcoming. At first glance, many of our ABA services simply look like games or play, but we design these interventions to promote specific.

While each treatment is 100% unique, here are some of the fundamental ABA strategies we integrate into every session in Delaware County:

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Child-led, play-based learning
  • An ascent-based approach
  • Family involvement and education 
  • Social engagement and group interaction
  • Academic preparation and problem-solving 

We accomplish this through: 

  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Group activities
  • Play-based activities built around a child’s interest 
  • Parent training sessions to incorporate ABA therapy at home
ABA therapy delaware county pa

Advantages of Early Intervention for Children With Autism

Numerous reputable studies have shown that early intervention autism therapy has the potential to improve outcomes in cognition, communication, social, and behavioral development. Early exposure to ABA therapy maximizes the chance of an improved quality of life for a child with autism.

Since the developing brain is creating new pathways, it is never too early to begin ABA therapy! Our autism services in Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA welcome toddlers and children of any age. Even if your child begins ABA therapy a little later, the organized progression of ABA therapy can still lead to incredible outcomes in behavior and functional development!

autism services in delaware county pa

At Helping Hands Family, our ABA therapy is: 

  • Built around each child’s preferences, needs, and goals.
  • Designed to be play-based to promote child engagement.
  • Reward-based 

With our modern autism centers and personalized approach to ABA therapy in Delaware County, we can identify and address each learner’s needs with clarity.

Our caring autism team in Delaware County, PA works hard to reduce stressors that often accompany the learning experience. We accomplish this by:

  • Running play-based and child-led therapy strategies.
  • Integrating a kind and caring approach into our customized lesson plans.
  • Offering individualized ABA services to align sessions with a child’s learning style and pre-determined goals.

Our ABA therapy helps children with autism reach their fullest potential by:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Reducing problematic behavior
  • Reinforcing confidence in social situations

How Parents Can Help

During our ABA therapy in Drexel Hill, PA, we keep parents informed and included by: 

  • Actively sharing progress notes
  • Teaching parents and caregivers how to implement our learning strategies outside of the clinic
  • Discussing autism treatment plan adaptations with parents.

Active parental involvement helps us to provide better care because ABA therapy is a team approach. When parents keep us informed about any changes at home or school, we are better prepared to accommodate and modify the behavior plan as necessary.

To learn more about our encouraging therapists or child-first autism services, we invite you to reach out to our Care Coordination Team! They can walk you through the intake process and offer an autism assessment in Delaware County, PA today!

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