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lauren haneman

Clinical Director: Lauren Haneman MS Ed BCBA, LBS


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Special Education and (B.S.) Elementary Education at St. Joseph’s University
  • Masters of Science (M.S.) Applied Behavior Analysis at Temple University


  • Years of Experience: 12


  • Palmieri, L. M. (Presenter); Dayton, E. (2016, May). Evaluating the effectiveness of differential reinforcement of other behavior and differential reinforcement of alternative behavior to increase delay tolerance to meals. Poster session presented at the 42nd annual convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, Chicago, IL.
  • Quigley, J. ; L Haneman (2016, October). Systematic evaluation and programmed generalization of reinforcement schedules in the community. In Zane, T., (Chair), Weiss, M. J., (Discussant), Implementing behavior analytic interventions in the community. Symposium conducted at the 37th annual conference of the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Amherst, MA and 42nd annual convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, Chicago, IL.

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After an Initial ABA Assessment, We Will Develop a Customized Treatment Plan for Your Child

Since we employ ABA therapy professionals from a diverse subset of clinical backgrounds, you can count on our Aston, PA expertise to provide the multi-faceted ABA therapy your child deserves. Quality autism therapy often depends on addressing multiple factors simultaneously. We strive to achieve well-rounded outcomes for our clients with an interconnected style of treatment.

If your child requires multiple therapies like occupational and feeding therapy, we actively build upon these related needs with thoughtful daily lessons. As we continue to implement and build upon each progressive ABA step, we actively communicate with you, your family, and each other to ensure a gap-free continuity of care. With everyone on the same page, it becomes easier to build upon previous milestones, practice productive ABA at home, and identify when your child’s plan needs to be adjusted.

ABA Therapy Can Teach Your Child:

  • Motor skills
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • & More
ABA therapy in Aston, PA

The many joys related to achieving success in behavior, movement, and communication drive our passionate ABA therapy in Aston, PA! With child-led treatment and proven ABA interventions, our autism services provide an impactful foundation of growth for the children and families we help.

As the largest ABA therapy provider in Pennsylvania, our successes in autism therapy are all thanks to the committed clinicians who power our caring operations! When you start autism therapy with our team in Aston, PA, you’ll discover:

  • A more personalized approach to autism services
  • A child-led approach to our treatment plans
  • Clear education and parent training throughout the entire process
  • Welcoming and caring attitudes from our clinical team!

We Offer a Variety of Beneficial Autism Services

Autism services can positively influence functional, social, and behavioral growth in many realms of life. To continuously inspire meaningful interactions, our ABA services in Aston, PA focus on positive reinforcement and engaging learning strategies that are relatable to each child!

In our clinics throughout Pennsylvania, your child will experience a safe environment, mentally-stimulating group activities, and calming private lessons that are purposeful and supportive. During in-home autism services in Aston, PA, children with autism become familiar with ABA therapy and can prepare for the next step of learning in their life.

Like all of our clinics, our autism services in Aston, PA aim for your child to learn appropriate behaviors, practical motor skills, and social skills. Our upbeat attitudes eliminate stress, our innovative lesson plans open the doors to new learning milestones, and it all begins with transparent guidance. If our autism services in Aston, PA are too far for you, explore our ABA services in West Chester, PA.

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As your knowledgeable ABA provider, feel free to contact us to learn more about autism therapy. We can help you navigate autism insurance coverage considerations, talk you through any questions you may have, and walk you through the steps for getting started with our caring ABA professionals today!

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