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Getting started with ABA therapy? At Helping Hands Family, we take the guesswork out of every detail with helpful resources and organized support. With our accessible ABA therapy team, our clients have access to a variety of convenient clinics and in-home services. On our website, you’ll find a wealth of relevant resources that will guide you toward the quality and compassionate care your child deserves. 

More than providing balanced ABA therapy at Helping Hands Family, we believe that quality education and support throughout the entire process are essential! Whether you are learning about ABA therapy for the first time, or you are ready to schedule your intake appointment with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts, simply follow these helpful tips to get started!


Discuss the Details with Our Team

During an informative discussion with our team, you will learn about our compassionate approach to ABA, how we can help, and if our services are appropriate for your child and family. 

Before we can provide ABA therapy services, there are a few basic requirements that our care coordination team will ask you for: 

    • A treatment prescription is provided by your child’s practitioner. Prescribed therapies may include behavioral, speech, occupational, or a combination of multiple treatment recommendations. Our comprehensive services address each of these ASD-related needs with ABA. Integrated services such as occupational and speech therapies are only offered at specific Helping Hands Family clinics.
    • A diagnostic report: We do not provide initial autism diagnosis services at Helping Hands Family. Once a diagnosis has been reached, we provide initial assessments to establish an appropriate ABA therapy plan that is individualized to each child’s needs. Our coordinated care team can help you to obtain this report from your child’s doctor.
    • Insurance documentation: If you are unsure if your current plan covers ABA therapy or if you need assistance finding an appropriate plan, we are happy to guide you. Fortunately, ABA therapy is covered in most plans, so you are most likely covered if you have a major health insurance plan! 

The Informative Assessment Process 

After we receive and approve all necessary documentation, an assessment with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts is the next step. Depending on the location, we offer both in-home and clinical support for the initial assessment process. During the initial assessment, our BCBAs get to know you and your child, develop a behavior therapy plan, and walk you through the details of our play-based ABA therapy.  

Here’s what you can expect during our initial assessments: 

    • Plan for 4 to 6 hours of observation/assessment time occurring across 1-2 meetings

    • Parent orientation and explanation of ABA therapy

    • A treatment plan is established including your child’s initial goals and strategies

    • Any questions or concerns you may have are addressed

The Fun ABA Therapy Begins! 

After completing the steps above, our uplifting autism therapy in Lehigh Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas can begin! Powered by play-based learning, encouraging goal achievement, and a dynamic social environment. Our clinics promote practical life skills with every lesson, and our balanced approach to ABA therapy may lead to significant quality-of-life improvements!