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How RBTs & BCBAs Work Together on a Care Team

Supportive teamwork, compassion, and a commitment to exceptional autism care define our collaborative approach to ABA therapy! The behavior science field depends on collaboration, which is an essential element in our clinics, specifically between the Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Therapists (RBTs). They work together to create, manage, and continuously improve each child’s individualized behavior plan. Generally, clinical collaboration helps improve each child’s behavior and functional development.

Each Provider’s Role Is Important

To better understand our approach to ABA therapy, it’s important to learn the differences between BCBAs and RBTs. Board Certified Behavior Analysts are responsible for conducting assessments, developing treatment plans, supervising RBTs, evaluating behavior plan progress, and fine-tuning the plans as each child progresses through ABA therapy. Depending on the clinical or home ABA therapy approach, many BCBAs also provide direct client support. 

Once a personalized behavior plan has been established, RBTs are responsible for implementing the behavior plan, monitoring/tracking progress, and sharing this relevant information with their supervising BCBA and other clinical team members. RBTs are the team members spending the most time with our clients, so their observations and input are invaluable to the team. Within the ABA profession, RBT jobs in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas feature the most one-on-one time with clients, so if you love working with kids, this is an amazing career path to consider!

Both Clinicians Openly Share Relevant Behavior Science Insight

As a result of this mutual partnership, our BCBAs, and RBTs provide a continuum of support for our clients. Our ABA clinicians support each other with real-time suggestions and feedback, which ultimately empowers us to provide a more comprehensive level of care for our clients and their families.

This collaboration helps make our treatment more effective because the clinical team members have diverse backgrounds in behavior research, psychology, child education, and other relevant fields. Combining this collaboration with our team’s continuous efforts to seek educational opportunities is what keeps the Helping Hands Family team in tune with the latest updates in the applied behavior analysis field! 

Everyone Has a Voice 

At the heart of our autism applied behavior services in Montgomery County, PA, and all locations is an upbeat and encouraging environment made possible by our dedicated BCBAs and RBTs! Through their ongoing team-building efforts, collaborative client support, and passion for supporting families, the result is a clinical atmosphere that promotes behavioral development at a deeper level.

Join Our Caring Team & Start Improving the Lives of Others!

Does a rewarding RBT or BCBA job in Pennsylvania, NJ, CT, or MD sound like the perfect fit for you? If you enjoy working with kids, have an interest in applied behavior analysis, or already have relevant experience in the ABA Field, we would love to discuss a fulfilling opportunity with you! Even if you have no experience, we support aspiring candidates with comprehensive paid training, flexible hours, and so much more.