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The change associated with starting a new school year or moving to a new location can be stressful, exciting, and overwhelming for any kid. Since children with autism may be even more susceptible to potentially upsetting or confusing lifestyle changes, taking proactive steps to alleviate the tension and transition smoothly into the new routine is imperative. 

Our nurturing autism behavioral services in Lancaster, PA can help children with autism thrive in the face of change. This transition can also be smoother with ongoing collaboration between teachers, family, caregivers, and our ABA team. Our clinicians ensure all interactions are guided by compassion. 

Prepare for the New School Year With Appropriate Arrangements

Our supportive network of ABA services provides support for the many factors that relate to a child’s optimal development, which includes collaborating with the school and teachers in advance. This ensures that our clients and their families have everything they need to flourish in a way that aligns with the behavior plan and functional growth needs. 

With our caring team on your side, our ABA services can help you: 

  • Include teachers in the ABA plan: When your child’s teachers understand the plan, lessons learned in the ABA clinic can carry over into a new classroom. This can increase learning environment familiarity and reinforce positive behaviors/functional skill progression.
  • Create a learning plan that mirrors the school schedule: Before your child makes the switch to a new school or location, gradually implement a routine that replicates similar elements. For example, incorporate structured reading time or exercise time to reduce the stress of abrupt schedule changes. 
  • Introduce familiar learning tools: Empowering your child with a colorful planning calendar or social story and learning tools they use at home or in the clinic is a great way to establish even more familiarity at school. Many of our effective learning tools are easily integrated into the classroom, further aiding in the seamless transition process. 

Include Your Child in Future Plans Before Relocating

Whether you are moving to a new city or a new home down the street, sharing your plans with your child is a great first step. You can put your upcoming plans on the calendar, tell your child about the change using pictures to assist, or even take a fun trip to the area under calm conditions to familiarize them with the place. When your child is included in the process and has plenty of time to prepare, feelings of anxiety and frustration may diminish. 

On the same page as the new school tips above, many of the same tension-relieving principles can be applied to any relocation adjustments. Practicing schedule mirroring and making proactive school arrangements are excellent first steps. HHF’s ABA services in Mechanicsburg, PA, and our many other clinics promote ease of transition by providing cohesive ABA therapy collaboration. Whichever clinic your child attends, our ABA therapists strive to foster a fun and familiar space, utilizing similar learning strategies and encouraging reinforcement techniques to aid with peaceful transitions and continued ABA progress.