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Helping Hands Family (HHF) celebrates 20 years of transformative work by Dr. Vanetta LaRosa, founder of it’s NY clinic. Dr. LaRosa has been trained by some of the autism industry’s top scholars and well published professors. In 2001 she opened Helping Hands Children Services, serving children with autism in Long Island.

Dr. La Rosa fell in love with this field and completed her postdoctoral neuropsychology re-specialization program under the prominent neuropsychologist, Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg.

Now Executive Clinical Director of Helping Hands Family NY, Dr. LaRosa is a passionate leader, behavior analyst, and educator. She also teaches, publishes, and leads a charitable program for children and teens with autism and developmental challenges.

Always elbow deep in furthering her life’s work, Dr. LaRosa is most passionate about spending time with her favorite people, the kids. She believes that every person has the right to education in the way they learn best and with optimal support for children and families.

Helping Hands Family Recognizes Dr. Vanetta LaRosa, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA-D for her contribution to helping children with autism

Dr. LaRosa’s targeted education gives her a skill set that enables her to help children succeed every day. She states, “It’s important to notice as we work with these kids, what they are eager to learn, how they understand and remember best, then create unique programs that build on their strengths and talents.”

This is the beauty of ABA. Our clinicians constantly review data collected during learning activities that guide the decisions made for each child’s enjoyment and progress.

Helping Hands Family is currently accepting new clients at all the locations listed below. Parents can call (484) 965-9966 or visit the web page to start services.

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About Helping Hands Family

Helping Hands Family (“HHF”) is a growing provider of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy in NY, NJ, and PA. HHF offers ABA therapy in-clinic, in-home, and in-school based on each child’s unique needs. The HHF team is comprised of autism professionals with decades of clinical experience. HHF’s science-based programs help children with autism make progress in social development and support new ways of interacting with the world.

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