7 Reasons Why Being an RBT is the Coolest Job Ever!

Having Fun While Making a Difference

Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) are the foundation of any ABA program for a child with autism. They implement behavior plans (most of the time this looks like play) and work directly with children on specific goals, either at home or in a clinic setting.

RBTs have fun – they get to bond, play, and form relationships with neurodiverse and enthusiastic kids! At the same time, they are making a huge difference in these kids’ and their families’ lives.

Below are 7 reasons why we think being an RBT is the coolest job ever:

Having fun is part of the job description

Not your typical 9-5 sitting at a desk. The best RBTs are those who make sessions fun and active!


No prior ABA experience needed

PAID 40-Hour RBT training and certification.


You don’t need a college degree

Just need a high school diploma.


No day is the same

Each child has their own treatment plan unique to them, and every day is a little bit different than the last – even with the same child.


Chance to collaborate with others

You will be on a team with other RBTs and a BCBA. Collaboration with your team happens all the time!


See the progress

You can see and measure the impact your work has on the kids you are working with.


You are making a difference

Small wins are big celebrations. You have direct impact on the child and their family

Our Training Program Sets Our RBTs Up for Success!

We pay and train you to learn how to work with kids with autism and make a huge difference in their quality of life. To learn more about a career as an RBT, including job responsibilities, average pay, and the process of getting started, click here.

Does this career path sound good to you? If so, we want to talk to you!