5 Common Questions Asked by Parents

If your child has recently received an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis, you likely have many questions. Whether you’re just starting autism research or already have experience with autism therapy but want to learn more about ABA services, our qualified ABA experts are here to help answer your questions. Below, we answer 5 of the most common questions asked by parents in search of exceptional care and realistic solutions.  

1. What is ABA Therapy? 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based therapy driven by the science of learning, communication, and behavior. ABA is an individualized treatment that imparts meaningful and positive change with each session. Some goals are: 

    • Unlock new learning abilities
    • Improve functional outcomes
    • Increase communication and socialization 
    • Maximize focus and learning readiness skills

    To help children with autism achieve meaningful growth, our caring ABA team combines evidence-based interventions with compassionate encouragement. Our ABA services in West Chester, PA and in the rest of our clinics involve a balance of: 

      • Positive reinforcement to reduce problematic behaviors and improve learning outcomes
      • Child-led, play-based learning to enrich engagement, reduce learning stress, and develop tangible life skills
      • Group activities to nurture valuable social skills and cooperative behavior
      • Evidence-based interventions to maximize each child’s strengths 

      2. Who Can Benefit From ABA Therapy?

      Any child with autism may benefit from ABA therapy. Our services support all ASD-related needs including:

        • Communication
        • Behavior
        • Cognitive development
        • Social and play skills

        Appropriate for children with multiple needs or singular developmental objectives, our behavior plans are fine-tuned for each child. 

        Since ABA therapy provides versatile support, our autism services in Abington, PA and all our other clinics are appropriate for children from all walks of life. For example, ABA therapy can lead to communication growth, improved performance in school, and the ability to express desires more clearly, which may help reduce outbursts and other problematic social behaviors. 

        If your child could benefit from a plan that promotes appropriate behavior, cognitive development, or enhanced self-expression, we encourage you to contact our experts and learn more about ABA therapy! 

        3. Why Consider ABA Therapy Over Alternative Treatment Options?

        ABA therapy is an evidence-based treatment with proven results in improving the lives of countless individuals with autism. In addition to the numerous benefits outlined above, ABA therapy is:  

          • Endorsed by the US Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association
          • Covered by the majority of healthcare plans
          • Proven to improve outcomes for children with autism through positive reinforcement
          • Compatible with other treatments like speech and occupational therapy
          • Individualized to each child’s needs by caring and knowledgeable experts at Helping Hand Family! 

          4. What is Required for ABA Therapy Enrollment? 

          After your child has received an autism diagnosis from a credentialed practitioner, you can begin the enrollment process. Reach out to our Care Coordination Professionals. We’ll help you determine if your insurance covers ABA therapy and teach you more about our process. If you think our ABA team is the right fit for your family, we will help you schedule an initial assessment with one of our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts. 

          5. What Happens After Enrollment? 

          After organizing a detailed treatment plan with our BCBA, our approach involves the following:

            • We will schedule ongoing in-home, community, or clinic-based sessions. 
            • As your child progresses towards their treatment plan milestones, our clinicians constantly evaluate and adjust the plan as your child’s goals evolve. 
            • Through ongoing plan refinement, we keep you in the loop at all times. 
            • Your child’s BCBA will help you learn the strategies that promote success during therapy sessions
            • We provide accessible resources and friendly support throughout the duration of your child’s ABA therapy. 

            At Helping Hands Family, we provide comprehensive support with free autism resources, in-depth guidance for new ABA therapy clients, and ongoing support for every other ASD-related need. Have other ABA therapy or autism-related questions? We are always happy to answer your questions or assist with the enrollment process in any that we can.