Why ABA is the right choice for your child

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a proven clinical practice that’s been yielding impressive results for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder since the 1960s. At HHF, we use ABA because:

  • It’s the only evidence-based treatment endorsed by the United States Surgeon General and American Psychological Association for children with ASD
  • It’s adaptable to the individual
  • It teaches skills useful in everyday life
  • It’s flexible—can be one-on-one or used in a group
  • It uses positive reinforcement

The science behind your child’s success

Applied Behavior Analysis is the science that centers on the principles that describe how learning develops (i.e., reinforcement, motivation, extinction, punishment, stimulus control, conditioned reinforcement, and schedules of reinforcement). ABA works to build socially significant behaviors in an individual’s natural environment and everyday settings by applying these principles. It is a process of defining target behaviors, recording behavioral data, analyzing data and making changes to treatments that are not effective.